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HMIC PEEL assessment

Lincolnshire Police provide policing at the lowest cost per head of population in the country3 and our officers have the third highest workload per visible officer in the country3. Despite these challenges, crime has been reduced significantly and the county is a safe place to live, work and visit.

With the third largest policing area in England, covering 2,284 square miles, Lincolnshire’s sparse population of 700,000 is spread over one city, four large towns and many smaller towns presenting real policing challenges.

Medium term financial projections indicate that the force will be challenged to sustain an adequate number of police officers to ensure public safety and a viable force beyond 2016/17 if police finance continues to be allocated on the current basis.

The population of Lincolnshire is significantly lower than the national average with high levels of deprivation along the east coast and in pockets in the west of the county.1  It is an area of low income with a high number of benefit claimants.1

International in-migration is expected to increase following a six-fold increase in non UK nationals since 2006.2

The 31,000 student population centred in Lincoln creates challenges in policing the night time economy and in relation to student victims and perpetrators of crime.1

Lincolnshire receives the lowest central funding per head of population at £15.3m less than the national average. The central funding has decreased by 16% since 2010/11.1

Regionally the force collaborates to combat serious and organised crime as well as to share specialist operational and criminal justice services; with local agencies to be prepared for civil emergencies such as flooding or disorder; and with national agencies to tackle crimes that have a national and global level impact, such as cyber (internet) crime and child exploitation.2

A private sector strategic partner is responsible for delivering a range of operational support and business support functions.

For information on how the force is assessed as meeting these and other challenges please visit Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) website.


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