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How to stay safe from people who pretend to be your friend.

People should treat you fairly and kindly.



If anyone treats you badly you must tell someone you trust.

Most friends really are friends.


They care about you and treat you fairly.


Some people might pretend to be your friend and treat you badly.

When someone pretends to be your friend but treats you badly this is called Mate Crime.



Mate Crime is against the law and the Police will help you stop it.

Here are some examples of mate crime:


John’s friend borrows his mobile phone. 

He uses up all the credit and never gives him any money back.


Susan’s friend gives her a lift into town.

Town is only 3 miles away. She charges Susan £30 which is far too
much money.


Giuseppe gets paid on a Friday.

His friends come to see him on pay day.  They all go to the pub. His friends get
Giuseppe to buy all the drinks.


Samira lives on her own in her flat.

Her friends are always coming round.  They leave the flat messy and eat all of
her food. They never bring anything.


Tony’s friends always pick on him.

They call him nasty names.  They tell him he has to do what they say
otherwise they won’t be his friend.

What to do if any of your friends are treating you badly.


Tell someone you trust. Tell lots of people.


Lincolnshire County Council help to protect people from abuse.

  • Report abuse by phoning: 01522 782 155.
  • In the evenings, and at night and weekends phone
    our Emergency Duty Team on: 01522 782 333.
  • In an emergency phone 999 for the Police.

Always report crime to the Police. They will help you stay safe.


Phone 101 to talk to the Police.

Phone 999 in an emergency.

You can phone the Stop Hate Crime help line.

0800 138 1625

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