Fertiliser security

Inorganic nitrogenous fertilisers can be misused by terrorists as an ingredient in homemade explosives (HME). Whilst the concern affects all solid nitrate fertilisers the widespread use of ammonium nitrate (AN) and ammonium nitrate based fertilisers is of particular significance.

Fertiliser security advice

  • Do not store fertiliser where there is public access.
  • Do not leave bags of fertiliser in the field overnight.
  • Do not store fertiliser near to, or visible from, the public highway.
  • Keep and file all fertiliser delivery notes.
  • Wherever possible store fertiliser inside a locked building or compound.  This will also follow HSE safety guidance.
  • Cover fertiliser when stored outside.  Make regular checks to ensure that the stack has not been tampered with.
  • Carry out regular, frequent stock checks.
  • Report any unexplained stock discrepancy or loss/theft to the police immediately.
  • Buy your fertiliser from a FIAS approved supplier.

It is an offence to sell on ammonium nitrate fertiliser without the property certification (detonation resistance certificate).

National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is a police unit within the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

They can offer specialist advice on the security of explosives and pre-cursor chemicals (including fertilisers), pathogens and toxins, radiological sources and other toxic chemicals.

For further information about CPNI visit www.cpni.gov.uk

Report it

If you have been a victim of a burglary, call 101 or report it online.

If a burglary is in progress and you are in immediate danger, call 999.

To report suspicious activity call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321. Your call may provide that vital piece of information that prevents further terrorist attacks and saves lives.

More help and support

Contact our Crime Prevention Advisers
Email: Crime.prevention@lincs.police.uk

National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)

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