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Canines on Patrol

Canines on Patrol is a scheme for dog walkers to assist us by being an extra pair of eyes in the local community. 

Regular dog walkers are in an excellent position to spot suspicious or criminal activity.  They tend to be out late at night or early in the morning, often along the same route, so can easily spot if something is amiss or unusual.   

The Canines on Patrol initiative aims to:

  • provide crime reduction advice
  • raise awareness of current incidents and operations
  • collate and act upon information received from members of the public and other partners
  • enable members to safeguard their animals and personal possessions

As a member, you will be able to report information direct to your local policing team through the LincsAlert system.  You can help us by reporting:

  • any suspicious cars, ideally taking down the registration numbers
  • any suspicious persons, giving details of the personal description
  • property that looks unusual, such as open doors, windows or unlocked gates outside of normal working times,
  • neighbours that haven’t been seen for a while, such older residents that are normally active and out and about.

Your local policing team will quickly assess your information and decide what action to take. 

If you see a crime in action, please ring 999.  

You can also call 101 or report online.

Register to be a COP member by registering on LincsAlert. 

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