Putting Victims First: Victims Code of Practice

As a victim of crime it is easy to feel powerless and vulnerable. Putting Victims First is our pledge to ensure that your needs sit at the heart of every investigation.

Access to information, officers who show an understanding of the impact crime can have, and making use of support services can empower you to regain your voice and take back control.  We will:

  • Contact you as soon as possible
  • Provide meaningful updates throughout the investigation – we call this a “contact contract”
  • Provide you with an officer’s contact details and signpost you to support services
  • Abide by the Victims Code of Practice. Witnesses of crime are protected in a similar way due to a set of standards called the Witness Charter.

We abide by the Victims Code of Practice. This set of guidelines is designed to make sure victims of crime are given the best advice and support from the moment they report a crime to the sentencing of an offender.

You have 12 key rights under the Victims Code of Practice, which can be read in full here:

  • Right 1: To be able to understand and to be understood
  • Right 2: To have the details of the crime recorded without unjustified delay
  • Right 3: To be provided with information when reporting the crime
  • Right 4: To be referred to services that support victims and have services and support tailored to your needs
  • Right 5: To be provided with information about compensation
  • Right 6: To be provided with information about the investigation and prosecution
  • Right 7: To make a Victim Personal Statement
  • Right 8: To be given information about the trial, trial process and your role as a witness
  • Right 9: To be given information about the outcome of the case and any appeals
  • Right 10: To be paid expenses and have property returned
  • Right 11: To be given information about the offender following a conviction
  • Right 12: To make a complaint about your rights not being met  

Our Putting Victims First leaflet has been translated into a range of languages. 

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