Police property act fund

The Police Property Act (PPA) Fund is an account of monies received from the sale of recovered stolen goods or found property.  

We redistribute the monies through grants to local community and voluntary projects in Lincolnshire.

The fund is a fluctuating balance depending on the level of sales passed through auction.  Because of this, we cannot guarantee that the fund will be available at a particular time during a financial year. 

Examples of the types of project we support are:

  • Reduction of crime - such as educational visits to local schools to or literature on local crime incentives.
  • Reduction of anti-social behaviour – activity programmes designed to divert children from crime.  These may include holiday schemes, day trips or reward days for completing community safety action days.
  • Partnership working – such as local groups to address community issues or enabling groups engage with each other.  This might be local children working on a crime reduction project, or speaking to older members of the community about staying safe.

How to apply

You can only submit an application when the fund is open.

This fund is currently closed and we are not accepting applications.

Applications are only accepted for projects in the Lincolnshire Police boundary.  National charities must show that they have carried out work within Lincolnshire.

We give priority to applications that show the engagement of a local Police Officer/PCSO in the project.  Consideration is only given to projects that specifically target crime reduction or community safety.  Charitable donations are not considered unless they address the effects of crime, abuse or anti-social behaviour.

The majority of grant allocations authorised are between £20.00 and £500.00.  If your project is for a higher sum, check that funds are available before submitting your application.  Contact the Community Safety Officer on the details below.

We will not support applications that simply apply for the maximum amount.

Consider the following when applying:

  1. You must only use the donation for the purpose described in your application. You should return any surplus funds to us.
  2. You must inform us when the project is completed.  This includes details of any planned launch, opening etc.  You should credit ‘The Police Property Act Fund’ as a contributor to the initiative on any publicity, press notices or reports.
  3. You must submit a full evaluation report within six months of the project completion.  This must contain receipts for goods, materials and services spent on the project.
  4. If your scheme involves working with children, your organisation must have a Child Protection Policy or Statement.
  5. Your organisation must be aware of Equal Opportunities.  Your project should be available to everyone without discrimination, unless it specifically targets a minority or disadvantaged group.
  6. You must be aware of all Health and Safety issues that impact on your project.
  7. We accept no responsibility for the management or administration of financial transactions in your project.
  8. Your project must be within the Lincolnshire Police boundary.

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