Static caravan and park home security

Securing static caravans and park homes to the same standard as your home is not always possible. But with a bit of thought, you can still make your static caravan much less attractive a target to a thief.

Holiday park selection

The presence of some or all the following will show that a holiday park is serious about security.

  • Look for a site’s membership of local “watch” schemes. In Lincolnshire, Caravan Park Watch scheme members have seen reductions in theft and other crime as a result of security initiatives.
  • Find out how the site is managed.  Does it have dedicated security or regular patrolling?  Is there on-site monitoring of alarm systems and CCTV?
  • Ask how the holiday park works with residents to decrease the risk of theft.  Also if it provides a property marking service and a local property register.
  • Does the park ask residents to empty their static homes at the end of the season? Whilst this may be inconvenient, it is the single most important factor in stopping out-of-season crime on holiday parks.

Property marking and registration

We recommend that you mark and register your property and advertise the fact using window stickers. 

See our property registration and marking page for more details.

If your holiday park runs a local property registration scheme, please take part. These schemes are becoming common and local criminals are becoming aware of them, making the site much less attractive to them. You'll not only helping yourself but your friends and neighbours too!

Property removal

Think about the items you take with you. If something isn’t there, it can’t be stolen.  The less you take, the less you need to worry about.

Away for a short time 

  • When going out for the day, take your valuables with you wherever practicable.
  • When out, keep your curtains open so a thief can see that there is nothing that they can quickly grab.
  • Consider installing and using an intruder alarm.  See “Alarms” below.

Away for a long time

  • Remove all your valuable items, especially TVs and other electrical goods.
  • Keep your curtains and cupboards open to allow anyone looking in to see that your caravan is empty. 
  • Never pile items up in the middle of the floor. You might know it is pile of old sheets but a thief might think there is something valuable underneath them.
  • Consider installing and using an intruder alarm.  See “Alarms” below.

Windows and doors

There is such variation in the type and age of static homes that it is impossible to give comprehensive advice about window and door security.

If your static caravan has traditional windows and doors, see our advice on door and window security.

Static caravans that have metal framed doors and windows can be difficult to secure. Speak to a member of the Master Locksmith’s Association ( for advice.

Snatch thefts

Property left on display near to open door and windows is vulnerable to thieves reaching in to steal it. This often happens when you are in another part of the property or relaxing outside.

Our advice is simple. Keep your valuables and keys out of reach and out of sight.

Intruder alarms

Before installing an alarm, consult with your holiday park manager to check their policy on use and response.

Intruder alarms can be a cheap method of stopping a thief in their tracks and need not be complicated.

During the summer season, they can alert site staff and neighbours to a potential problem. In the winter months, the siren can alert site security.

Some holiday parks also have facilities to monitor alarms on site and activations responded to by a member of staff 24/7. In such cases, you will usually need to buy or rent the alarm off the site itself.

See our Alarms advice page for more advice.

Report it

If you have been a victim of a burglary or theft, call 101 or report it online.

If a burglary is in progress and you are in immediate danger, call 999.

More help and support

For further advice or recommendations, contact our Crime Prevention Advisers

This contact is for crime prevention advice only.  Please do not use this email address to report crime.  Call 101, or 999 in an emergency.

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