Garage security

Whatever you store in your garage, make it more secure by following our advice.

Up-and-over manual vehicle access doors

  • Fit a pair of good quality bolts to either side of the bottom of garage door. We recommend that you fix these using coach bolts that cannot be tampered with from outside.  Also use a good quality closed shackle padlock. Fitting locks too high up on a door will not be secure enough.
  • There are also many specially designed garage door locks that you can fit to the floor.  This will also prevent the door being lifted from the bottom.
  • A single lock fitted to the bottom centre of the door may not prevent the corners from being bent over, especially on older doors. Consider fitting locks to both sides of the door.  Make sure it doesn’t interfere with your car’s wheels.

Double leaf doors

  • Make sure that your door is in good condition and the frame is fixed to the structure. Repair or renew rotten wood or consider replacing the door completely.
  • Use coach bolts on external hinges to prevent them being unscrewed.
  • Fit a pair of good quality security hasp and staples and closed shackle padlocks one-third up and one-third down the door.
  • Drop bolts fitted to the bottom of the door will not only prevent the door swinging back when open but will add some extra reinforcement to the door when bolted shut.
  • If your doors have glazing, consider installing bars behind them.

Automatic garage doors

Do not carry out any work on automatic garage doors without consulting the manufacturer. Extra work may void any warranty and could cause the door to malfunction.

The minimum standard for automatic doors is LPS 1175 and rated SR1 or higher or STS 202 (BR1).

Replacing your garage door

Consider the following if you are replacing your garage door.  The standards apply to up-and-over and roller shutter doors only.

  • The minimum standard for up-and-over or roller shutter doors for domestic properties is either the current issue of LPS1175 SR1 or STS202 (BR1).  If you have high value items in your garage, you may wish to choose a higher rated door.
  • Choose doors approved by Secured By Design. These doors have undergone independent tests and are recommended by the police. 
  • Buy from reputable manufacturers and installers preferably one accredited by Secured By Design.  
  • There is not a standard for double leaf doors. If you are considering double leaf doors, pay attention to the door quality and standard of the hardware.  Buy them from a reputable company. 

Integral garage pedestrian doors

The integral garage door of modern properties is usually a fire door but is not usually secure.

We do not recommend carrying out any work on a fire door as it may affect its performance.

We recommend using an accredited tradesperson to replace the complete door set with one manufactured to PAS24-2012.

Choosing an installer

We recommend that you use manufacturers and installers accredited by Secured by Design and locksmiths who are members of the Master Locksmiths Association. 

When selecting a product or installer with Secured By Design, check which of their products carry the accreditation.

Secured By Design

Master Locksmiths Association

Report it

If you have been a victim of a burglary, call 101 or report it online.

If a burglary is in progress and you are in immediate danger, call 999. 

More help and support

For further advice or recommendations, contact our Crime Prevention Advisors

This contact is for crime prevention advice only.  Please do not use this email address to report crime.  Call 101, or 999 in an emergency.

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