Touring caravan, trailer and motorhome security

​Theft of touring caravans, trailers and motorhomes is not as commonplace as other types of vehicle crime.  When it does happen, it is often due to the caravans not being secured. 

Newer models are likely to be more desirable to criminals but it does not mean that older models are not at risk.  They are also more vulnerable to theft from your home address than at secure sites.

You can take some simple measures to keep your vehicle safe.  You can consider each measure below in isolation but we recommend using a combination of physical and technical security together.

Read more on security of your property in your tourer, static park home or mobile home.

Physical security

There are many types of locks and physical devices that can prevent your vehicle from being towed away.  We recommend products with the Sold Secure Caravan/Trailer Gold award for towed items. We also suggest Sold Secure Automotive Gold and Thatcham approved products for motorhomes. 

Tracking systems

Although they can be expensive, tracking systems can increase the chances of recovering your property.  They also act as a deterrent in the first place.  

For new or expensive models, we recommend that you have a Thatcham approved tracking device professionally fitted. CAT6 approved trackers are suitable for caravans and expensive trailers.  CAT5 systems offer the best security available to motorhome owners. We do not recommend the use of trackers that do not have the CAT5 or 6 ratings. 

Property marking

You can mark motorhomes and trailers in the same way as any other motor vehicle. 

If you are a touring caravan owner, there are benefits to being a member of CRiS (Central Registration and Identification Scheme).  

CRiS is an industry approved registration and marking scheme exclusively for touring caravan owners. 

Since 1992 all touring caravans sold from official dealers within the UK have benefitted from this scheme.  Registration and marking is open (for a fee) to owners of older and imported touring caravans. 

From 2016, CRiS will introduce a new marking system called VIN Chip which will be used by all Nation Caravan Council manufacturers. 

Owners of existing tourers will be able to buy this marking and tagging system for under £50.  

Marking and chipping your tourer, trailer or motorhome does not guarantee it will not be stolen.  But doing so does reduce the opportunity of criminals to disguise its true identity.  For the small cost it does represent a good investment.  


You might want to consider storing your touring caravan or motorhome away from your home address.  Doing so at secure sites will keep it safer.  And it means you will not be advertising that your property is empty every time you go away.

Secure sites accredited by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association offer clear security grading standards.  Whatever site you choose make sure it at least has good security fencing and a monitored security system.

Trailers are much lighter and vulnerable to being dragged away.  We recommend using Sold Secure Caravan and Trailer Gold accredited locks, chains and ground anchors to secure your trailers. Sold Secure and Secure by Design rated security posts are also recommended. 

If you are not using your trailer of a period of time, consider removing the wheels and lock them with a strong chain and lock to ground anchor.

Keys and paperwork

Keep your keys and paperwork, such as CRiS registration documents, out of sight and locked away to avoid being a victim of burglary.

Report it

If you have been a victim of burglary and car theft, call us as soon as it is safe to do so on 999.

If you have been a victim of car theft, report it by calling us on 101 or complete an online crime reporting form.

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