Reporting mud on the road

Mud on the road can be dangerous for drivers, particularly in the winter when the mud can freeze and be slippery.

Being an agricultural county, it is inevitable that mud will be deposited on the roads.  Responsible farmers and operators have measures in place to prevent this as much as possible and will clean up the roads afterwards.

Those who don't are guilty of offences under the Highways Act 1980.  They could be guilty of much more serious offences if the mud on the road has contributed to an accident.

If you work in an industry where mud can be deposited on the roads, there are some things you can do to prevent it:

  • Clear mud from vehicles before you drive on the road.
  • Drive at low speed to help keep mud on the vehicle.
  • Clean the road during the working day and at the end.
  • Use warning signs to warn oncoming drivers that there is mud on the road while the clean-up process is taking place.

Report it

To report mud on the road please call Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782070 (8am to 6 pm Mon - Fri)

Alternatively, you can contact them online using their roads and transport fault reporting form.

In an emergency always dial 999.

27 Apr 21 2:57 PM

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