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In the event of a collision whereby damage is only caused to the vehicles involved, you do not need to inform us.

The only obligation is to exchange details with all parties involved (name, address and insurance details). If details are not exchanged at the scene, you must inform us of the collision as soon as you can within 24 hours.

When you should contact us

You should call us:

  • if the road is blocked due to the collision
  • if it is suspected an offence has been committed
  • if a person has been injured
  • if there has been damage to roadside furniture
  • if there has been damage to property
  • if an animal (horse, cattle, ass, mule, sheep, pig, goat or dog) is killed

What happens after an accident?

At serious and fatal collisions, we may need to keep the road closed for long periods of time for full investigations to take place. A Forensic Collision Investigator (FCI) and Vehicle Examiner (VI) will carry this out.  The process is overseen by a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO). The investigation includes:

  • surveying and photographing the scene
  • securing and collecting any physical evidence
  • examining the vehicles
  • clearing debris

Sometimes, the road surface may need repairing before it can be re-opened. This can lead to the road being closed for a long period of time. This is also to allow the FCIs and vehicle examiners to collect as much evidence as possible to carry out a thorough investigation. 

Reports for third parties

Insurance companies and solicitors can request a report to forward on to a third party by writing to us.

Costs for reports are as follows:

  • Fatal Reports: £600
  • Collisions Report: £100.70
  • Third Party Details: £35.80
  • Discs of photos / CCTV £21.20

Write to us with a cheque, made payable to ‘PCC for Lincolnshire’, to:

Traffic Process Unit Collisions
Lincolnshire Police Headquarters
PO Box 999

More help and support

Traffic Process Team (Collisions)
01522 947599 (lines open 1100-1500 hours Monday to Friday)

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