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End Domestic Abuse Now (EDAN) Lincs are the countywide specialist domestic abuse service for our county.

They are available on 01522 510041.

They are a registered charity helping all women, men and children experiencing domestic abuse in Lincolnshire. Their website is www.edanlincs.org.uk

Together with EDAN Lincs, we have produced a video that explains what abuse is and how you can get help.

We know that not everyone chooses to report an incident of abuse to the Police and we want to make sure we also reach those people with this video on the potentially lifesaving service that is EDAN Lincs. You can access support from EDAN Lincs regardless of whether you have reported abuse to the Police.


End Domestic Abuse Now (EDAN) Lincolnshire

Transcription of End Domestic Abuse Now (EDAN) Lincolnshire

EDAN Lincolnshire - Bulgarian

Transcription of EDAN Lincolnshire - Bulgarian

EDAN Lincolnshire - Latvian

Transcription of EDAN Lincolnshire - Latvian

EDAN Lincolnshire - Russian

Transcription of EDAN Lincolnshire - Russian

EDAN Lincolnshire - Polish

Transcription of EDAN Lincolnshire - Polish

EDAN Lincolnshire - Lithuanian

Transcription of EDAN Lincolnshire - Lithuanian

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