Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders (DVPN and DVPO)

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Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN) and Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO) provide us with powers to protect you if you are a victim of domestic abuse by removing violent partners from your home.

These powers give you the time, space and support to plan a safer future, by keeping the perpetrator away.

A DVPN is a notice that we can serve on a person aged over 18 who we believe has been violent or threatened violence against you.  It offers immediate protection to you and your family from the threat of domestic abuse. 

The law allows us to serve a DVPN on a person even if you do not agree to it.

A DVPN places certain conditions on the person which may include:

  • stopping him/her from entering, and being within a certain distance of, your home;
  • stopping him/her from making you leave or excluding you from your home;
  • requiring him/her to leave your home.

We can intervene in cases even if we do not have enough evidence to bring a criminal charge.

Within 48 hours of the issue of a DVPN, a hearing at a Magistrate's court will decide if a DVPO should be issued.  They will also decide the length of time of the DVPO (between 14 and 28 days).

Before this scheme, only those arrested and charged with an offence could be barred from their home.  This scheme gives you vital respite and time to consider your options.  If offenders breach the DVPO, they could receive a fine or a prison sentence.

The scheme also provides help and advice on the support services available.  Offenders are also advised of services that can help them.

See our DVPN and DVPO Guides below.

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