Dog welfare

We share the responsibilities for dogs with local authorities and other animal welfare agencies.

Local authority responsibilities

Lost and stray dogs

Your local district council deal with lost and stray dogs.  The dog warden service can help deal with lost and stray dogs that are not a danger to the public or highways.

It is compulsory to have your dog chipped if it is over the age of eight weeks.  If you are found to be the keeper of a dog that has not been chipped and do not hold a health exemption certificate, you will be given 21 days to have your dog chipped.  If you fail to do so, you will be fined £500 for non-compliance. 

You are also not allowed to sell or pass on a dog that has not been micro-chipped.  Remember that the law still requires a dog to wear a collar and identification tag when in public.

Excessive barking

Report noise complaints involving barking dogs to your local district council’s Environmental Health Department.

Dog fouling

If you don’t clean up after your dog you could receive an on-the-spot fine. The amount varies from council to council. It is often £50 but can be as much as £80.

Contact your local dog warden service if you have concerns around dog fouling in your area.

Police responsibilities

Stolen dogs

Report a stolen dog to us by calling 101.  If it is a crime in progress, call 999.

Once you have reported the crime, contact your local dog warden and dog rehoming centres.  This is to make them aware of the theft so they can look out for any strays that may be your dog. 

Inform your dog chip provider to make your dog listed as stolen.  If it is scanned an alert will be raised with your dog chip provider. 

We also work with the national voluntary organisation DogLost who help reunite dogs with their families.  They have a volunteer base that can search for missing dogs and put up posters locally to raise awareness.  Visit their website at

Lincs FM will also put details of your dog on their website.

Dogs on the highway

If you see a dog, or any animal, on or close to a highway that is a risk to drivers, you should contact us immediately.

Dangerous dogs

In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types of dog. These are:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero

It is also against the law to:

  • sell a banned dog
  • abandon a banned dog
  • give away a banned dog
  • breed from a banned dog

If you suspect someone has a banned breed of dog, contact us on 101.

Visit for more on banned and dangerous dogs.

Dogs in hot cars

Dogs can die in hot cars, even if they are left for just a few minutes.  If you have concerns about a dog in a hot car, call us on 101.  If the dog is in particular distress and it is an emergency call 999.  Do not to attempt to force entry to the vehicle yourself.

Dog chipping

Most vet practices can carry out chip insertion to dogs, as well as some charities that may carry this out for free. Visit to find out how to get your dog microchipped.

Dog chipping is a way of lost/stolen dogs being reunited with their owners. All dog rehoming centres check for dog chips before rehoming a dog and many dogs that have been lost or stolen can be reunited even after a few years away from home. When you routinely visit your vet ask them to check that the dog’s chip is still active.

Animal cruelty and neglect

Report incidents of animal cruelty and animals in need of rescue or in immediate danger to the RSPCA.  The RSPCA cannot collect stray dogs.

Contact the RSPCA's 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

Report it

Report dangerous dogs and dogs on the highway to us.  Call 999 in an emergency and 101 at other times or report using our online crime reporting form.

Contact your local district council for issues of excessive barking, dog fouling and lost and stray dogs.

More help and support


Boston Borough Council

01205 314248

City of Lincoln Council
01522 873249

East Lindsey District Council
01507 601111

North Kesteven District Council
01529 414155 or 01522 699699 if calling from a Lincoln number

South Holland District Council
01775 761161

South Kesteven District Council
01476 406080

West Lindsey District Council
01427 676676

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