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LincsAlert is a two-way communication system designed to put you in touch with us and Neighbourhood Watch.

It is a tool that provides you with updates on what is happening in your area.  We also send out crime reduction tips and advice on community safety issues. 

The system sends alerts by email, text (SMS) and telephone and also enables you to provide us with information.

It's free to join and simple to get involved.

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The national Neighbourhood Alert system has over 306,000 registered members.  All East Midlands police forces use this system.  In effect, we can send messages across the whole of the East Midlands and the whole of England and Scotland.

We have just over 15,300 registered members.  By working with Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who each have 15-20 members, messages have the potential to reach almost 50,000 more recipients.

The system is the messaging tool for all our watch schemes, including:

  • Farm and Country Business Watch
  • Horse Watch
  • Business Watch
  • Canines on Patrol (COP)
  • Allotment Watch

Benefits of the system include:

  • Confidential, secure service - your data is never shared without your consent.
  • Subscribe to receive alerts by email, phone and text.
  • Join an on-line virtual NHW scheme and swap ideas with other members.
  • Report information to your Neighbourhood Policing Teams.
  • Receive feedback and updates about your reports.
  • Completely free to receive service.
  • Unsubscribe at any time.

How are we performing?

In an average month in Lincolnshire, we:

  • send 81,311 emails per month
  • send 9,819 text messages
  • make 4,786 calls to home telephones

LincsAlert messages are also tweeted on our @LincsAlert account and the national @AlertMessages account.  

08 Aug 19 3:37 PM

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