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Case study: Working together to tackle nuisance neighbours in Boston

As part of anti-social behaviour (ASB) awareness week, we are highlighting examples of our partnership work to tackle repeat ASB issues in our county.

Today we are sharing the story of a woman in Boston who had to endure ongoing ASB from her neighbours. In her victim statement, the lady describes the problem.

The problem 

“Intimidating and violent”

“People climbing into my garden”

“A daily occurrence of loud noise”

“Most visitors to the house are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

“Raised voices constantly arguing with each other and numerous fights”

“I hear things being broken and smashed up”

“I saw a man urinating in the garden right in front of me.”

“A second man was sick in the garden”


The impact on the lady and her partner was severe. The ASB was a blight on the area, especially because it was happening opposite a primary school. Again in words taken from her victim statement, the lady explains the impact that the issues were having on her, her family, and the wider community.

The impact 

“I have Grandchildren that I don't have around my house because I do not want them to be exposed to this.”

“I would never allow my granddaughter to be out in my garden on her own. I would be fearful of her being exposed to the sights that I have seen”

“I feel very uncomfortable in my own house”

“I spend all day now thinking about it.”

“I was previously fearful of providing this statement but I am at the end of my tether with it.”

“I worry about the young children that attend the primary school as they are being exposed also to violence, noise, and drug use.”

“I need this to stop so that my life can return to some normality.”

The solution 

As this case was so extreme, we applied for a “closure order” which was granted by the court. It prohibits access to the premises for a specified time.

The council assist to get tenants rehomed.

We go in with the “red key.”

We report numerous people for summons for covid and closure order breaches.

We arrest men present who were wanted for other offences.

Homeless charities assist with a vulnerable resident who we believe was being “cuckooed” - exploited by criminals to store and sell drugs.

This man is now housed, engaging with various agencies and sent us all his thanks.

This is an example of how antisocial behaviour can make lives a misery for those enduring it.

It also shows how a partnership response is effective in solving the problem in the long term.

You can find out more about our partnership work here: Safer Lincolnshire Partnership website

For more information about types of ASB, and which agency can help, visit our website: reporting and advice section

Here we tell the story in a short video including body worn footage of a raid of the premises:



Boston lady's story of ASB

22 Jul 21 12:56 PM

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