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Visitors must continue to be safe and sensible

Update: Sunday 5 July

Chief Superintendent Chris Davison said: “Firstly, I would like to thank the officers working over the weekend for their professionalism and dedication. Over the last months they have worked tirelessly through uncertain and testing times and the opening of pubs was just the latest in a great line of challenges that they have faced. I would also like to thank our specials, partners, street pastors and venue staff.

“As this was an evening with a unique set of circumstances, we don’t have a comparison we can draw statistically, but the number of incidents we were dealing with was broadly in line with what we deal with on a normal weekend night, if anything it was quieter than usual with less people out and not all venues open.

“Much planning and effort was put in by the venues to make sure that the safety measures were clear and that their customers followed them. The majority of people are able to go out, have a good time, and behave responsibly. To the minority that can’t, we will continue to deal robustly with anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“If you are planning to visit a pub over the coming weeks, make sure you book in advance, behave responsibly, follow the safety measures and plan a safe journey home.”  



Original release: 

On 4 July, many of Lincolnshire’s pubs will be opening their doors to customers after a three month closure and we want to support them in their efforts to make this as safe as possible for workers and customers.

It will be far from business as usual with venues putting measures in place to support social distancing and hygiene. If you choose to use these venues then you are also choosing to follow these measures.

Chief Superintendent Chris Davison said, “We continue to work with the night time economy to make sure safety is paramount. If you are heading out, it’s vital that you respect and follow the measures in place to protect you and that you remain in a fit state to remember and understand what they are. Take it steady and know your limits.

“Plan where you are going and how you will get home and look out for yourself and others.

“Please be considerate to staff and keep in mind that they have a requirement to have plans in place to keep you safe. The majority of people will be sensible and have an enjoyable night. Don’t ruin it with anti-social and criminal behaviour or you will be swapping one lockdown for another.

“We want people to enjoy a long awaited visit to the pub in a safe and peaceful way. Anyone choosing an alternative path of anti-social behaviour or violence will be dealt with robustly. We have plans in place and additional resources working over the weekend.”



Visitors to Lincolnshire’s pubs must be sensible and safe

05 Jul 20 9:47 AM

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