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Closure order, Boston

A Closure Order has been granted for 1 Granville Street in Boston from Lincolnshire Magistrates’ Court.

This was obtained after numerous complaints from members of the public about drug use and associated anti-social behaviour at that address

The court was satisfied that the address was associated with significant and persistent disorder or persistent serious nuisance to members of the public.

The order granted on June 23 by the court directs that the premises be closed to everyone for three months. Our officers have attended to ensure that the premises was empty and it has now been secured.

Sergeant Kate Odlin said: “We are grateful to local residents for their patience and help in providing the evidence that we needed to obtain this order. Before obtaining this order, we quite rightly had to go through a number of stages of warnings and other measures. I hope this reassures residents that we take problems of drugs and anti-social behaviour seriously. I hope it also sends a clear message to those who engage in drug use and anti-social behaviour that there are real consequences and that there is consequence to ignoring written warnings given by our officers.”

29 Jun 20 4:59 PM

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