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Be clear on consent

As the night time economy re-opens we are reminding people of the need to be clear on consent. Regardless of if you have just met, are in a relationship or are married to your sexual partner, there is no room for ambiguity.

This is an ongoing campaign which aims to remind people of what consent means and their obligation to get it. At the same time we want to encourage reporting and highlight the support available for victims of sexual assault.    

Detective Supt Martyn Parker is Head of the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit. He said, "If consent is not enthusiastic, given freely, informed, specific and reversible, then it is not consent. We know alcohol removes inhibitions, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. Your sexual partner may be too intoxicated to consent and there is no place for ambiguity, presumption or pressure."   

About consent

Sexual consent relies on the person having freedom and capacity to agree to sexual activity. It is not the absence of a ‘no’.

Consent must be:

  • Enthusiastic– a partner should not be worried, reluctant or unsure.
  • Given freely– not pressured, pestered, bullied, guilt tripped, intimidated, or threatened.
  • Informed– you can only consent if you know and understand what you are consenting to.
  • Specific– consent for one thing, is not consent for anything else; consent one day is not consent for any other occasion.
  • Reversible– you can change your mind at any point.

Have you been affected?

A vital part of the ongoing consent campaign is about building trust and confidence in victims and highlighting the channels available for support. These agencies can help you regardless of whether you decide to report your assault to Police. For more information see our advice section on rape and sexual assault.  

If you need help;

For Police – Call 101 (or 999 in an emergency)

  • For Spring Lodge– Lincolnshire’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre – call 01522 524402 (or 0303 1234 000 for out of hours)
  • For Lincolnshire Rape Crisis– support for anyone affected by any form of sexual violence – call 0800 33 4 55 00
  • For Victim Lincs– advice and support for Lincolnshire victims – call 01522 947510


01 Jul 20 1:17 PM

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