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Wainfleet - afternoon update, June 19

Wainfleet afternoon update, June 19, on behalf of Lincolnshire Resilience Forum: We are trying to help people return to their homes by Monday, subject to this week’s weather. We will give people, either in person or online, the information they need regarding power, water and how to be safe upon returning home.  

The security of the temporary repair of the river bank is a priority and we are working to agree a more permanent solution. We are therefore asking people not to return to their homes before Monday to ensure their safety.

There is a community information session at Coronation Hall tomorrow (Thursday) from 7pm where people will have the opportunity to speak to those in charge about the current situation and next steps.

Wainfleet morning update, June 19: There has been much less rainfall than expected and river levels are slowly dropping.

Although there is a weather warning in place generally, there is a clearer picture throughout the day.

Please be reassured, though, that all agencies are keeping a very close eye on developments and are ready to act as needed.



20 Jun 19 11:19 AM

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