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The UK’s Strongest Police Officer 2019 to be hosted in Lincolnshire

On Sunday 23rd June, from 10 am onwards at the Warehouse Strength and Conditioning, Unit 2, Dankerwood Road, South Hykeham, the strongest Police Officer in the UK will be revealed.

Officers from across the country will converge to take part in strength testing events including dead lifting and ten tonne truck pulling.  

Kirsty James (pictured right), Risk Management Officer for Lincolnshire Police, also undertakes the voluntary role of Fitness Mentor for the Force. Enjoying and competing in the sport in her spare time, Kirsty decided to volunteer to host the national event in Lincolnshire. She said: 

“The reason I decided to host this was due to competing in the sport for over three years and falling in love with it.

“I became involved as my gym was hosting a Novice Strongman/ Strongwoman competition in June 2016 with the owner challenging me to enter, which I did and won!

“Unlike most sports that only require one particular type of focus or element, Strongman is so diverse with each competition different from the next, meaning you have to be well skilled and practiced in as many as five or six different events for a competition.

“From my first competition I have entered a further three competitions and came first in two of them. I am currently the third strongest woman in England for my bodyweight.

“Throughout my fitness journey I have met so many different people, of all shapes and sizes who have become lifelong friends who share the same passion and interests, but who have also helped me to recognise that there is no one size fits all model when I comes to health and fitness, which was why I wanted to extend this sport to the police and I found that there was already a police strongman competition held each year.”

It's a full day event, in aid of raising money for the Police Dependants Trust and MIND; both pivotal charities in helping the policing family overcome tragedy, trauma and any subsequent mental health issues that arise as a result. Donations will be accepted on the day although entry is free for all. 

Kirsty wanted to put Lincolnshire forward as host county to reinforce the Chief Constable’s ethos around fitness and wellbeing. She said:

“I thought it was important for me to host it this year as I feel that the way Chief Constable Skelly has steered the force in the direction of wellbeing has taken tremendous effort, with Lincolnshire Police now being one of the driving forces for the wellbeing agenda.

“I want to show that whilst the day is about being physically strong I have wanted to raise the awareness of the struggles that officers and staff face whilst protecting the “thin blue line”. I think UK’s strongest police officer is a great day to showcase the strength, teamwork, dedication and passion that are all important qualities needed in modern day policing whilst showing that wellbeing takes many forms from yoga and meditation- to pulling 10 tonne trucks!

“This sport is for everyone of all abilities with me coaching a Strength and Conditioning class every Sunday to help with such events as my passion for the sport continues I want to give others a chance to experience it and try something new.”

Chief Constable Bill Skelly offered his best wishes for the day and is hoping to attend the event if commitments allow. He said: 

“I am delighted that Lincolnshire is hosting UK’s Strongest Police Officer 2019. It is another great example of our commitment to wellbeing for all our people. Kirsty has done a fantastic job bringing the event to the County and I’m looking forward to watching 50 officers and staff each try and pull an HGV! I hope you are able to come along and support the event with big cheers and (perhaps!) a small donation to the Police Dependants Trust and MIND.”

There are currently 47 entrants from all over the UK, with officers and staff coming as far away as Northern Ireland and Scotland. There are currently three officers from Lincolnshire Police taking part.

Over the course of the day they will be taking part in 5 events:

  1. Truck Pull- 10 tonne truck to be pulled a distance of 10m with a rope and a harness
  2. Overhead medley- Axel Bar, Log, Olympic bar, BD/ Monster DB- 60 second time limit, should all elements be completed athletes will use the remaining time to “rep out” the DB.
  3. Axel bar deadlift- head to head- 50mm/ 2inch thick axel bar weighing 20kgs- 60 second time limit
  4. Yoke into farmer’s walk- 15m Yoke to be ran, than 15m farmers walk- 60 second time limit
  5. Atlas stones- ascending weight- 60 second time limit

The event is free for spectators however please bring some change if you would like to make a donation to the above mentioned charities on the day. There will also be a raffle which gives the winner a chance to train with Laurence Shahlaei, a renowned UK Strongman and a previous winner of Europe’s Strongest Man.


20 Jun 19 1:26 PM

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