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Take care on the roads tonight

We are warning drivers to take care on the roads tonight. As temperatures drop, surface water will turn to ice resulting in hazardous conditions in places.

Take extra care, drive to the conditions and bear in mind that even treated roads can still be dangerous. Use common sense regarding how essential your journey is. Consider your route and charge your phone. As an extra precaution you could pack a blanket in the car along with something to eat and drink. You can keep up to date with the latest news from the gritting team by following @lincscc_roads on Twitter.

Here's further advice on driving in icy conditions. 

Flooding on the Brayford 

Please avoid the Brayford Wharf North area in Lincoln due to flooding. We are working with Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue to resolve the problem. There is a closure in place at the end of Lucy Tower Street.

Ref: 223 of 8 November

Road closures 

For the very latest, follow the council account @lincscc_roads and police account @FCR_Lincs on Twitter. Please note you can access these feeds regardless of whether you have a twitter account. Just search "@FCR_Lincs twitter" or "@lincscc_roads twitter" on google. 

Don't risk driving into flood water 

We have had reports of people becoming stranded after they mistakenly believed their car could make it through the flood water. If in doubt turnaround! You could damage your car and invalidate your insurance. Services are already stretched with unavoidable incidents so please be cautious.

Lincolnshire County Council press release:  

Following the recent heavy rain, temperatures are expected to plummet this evening, leading to icy roads across the county.

Darrell Redford, network resilience manager, said: “There’s a lot of water on the roads at the moment so when the temperatures drop tonight we’re likely to have a lot of ice about.

“To give you an idea of the scale of what we’re dealing with, the team had around 40 flood-related issues to deal with last night, and many of them will be out again this evening on gritter duty.

“As usual, we’ll be treating every A and B road in the county - that’s nearly 2,000 miles of highway.

“We’ll also ensure that, where possible, there’s a treated link to all the main villages, schools and hospitals.

“While it’s impossible for us to grit every road, we aim to provide a safe route to and from every town and village.

“However, please remember that even treated roads can be hazardous, so do take care and drive to the conditions.”

Lincolnshire’s gritters are now on-call 24/7 until April, keeping the county moving during the winter.

As usual, the team will be monitoring the weather around the clock, with the gritters ready to hit the road whenever needed.

This year, the council is using a new weather forecasting service to provide a more detailed picture of what’s happening across the county, helping the team respond more effectively.

You can keep up to date with the latest news from the gritting team by following @lincscc_roads on Twitter.

For further information about gritting, including a map of treated routes and winter driving advice, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/weatherready

08 Nov 19 4:04 PM

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