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Special awards for officers' outstanding contributions

Lincolnshire police officers from across the west division have been honoured for their outstanding efforts to the community at a special awards ceremony.

The ceremony was held in the Dave Goodwin Conference Suite at police Headquarters and was hosted by Chief Superintendent Nikki  Mayo, Area Commander for the West Area of Lincolnshire.

Detective Chief Inspector Sep Myers, Chief Inspector Stewart Brinn, Chief Inspector Phil Vickers and Superintendent Lee Pache read out the citations for those honoured.

CS Mayo said: “We often refer to ourselves as family force and this event is an opportunity to recognise the achievements of the individuals and to say thank you to the families of our officers and staff. The awards ceremony has a large number of recipients, which tells of the excellent work and achievements of them all.

“The real achievement for all our recipients is not necessarily the certificate, the handshake or the photographs, but the real difference that has been made to keep members of our communities safe, to apprehend a serious offender, to resolve complex crimes or in the most extreme circumstances to save someone’s life. There are not many jobs where you can have such a significant impact on the lives of the community and contribute to such a fundamentally positive outcome.”


Area commander’s commendations are as follow:

  • PC  Nathan Addlesee
  • PC Chris Hearn
  • PC Jason Templeman

These three officers were commended for their efforts in locating a man, who was missing from hospital, and attempted to take his own life in August last year. A speedy response by the three officers saved his life.


  • PC Mark Solder
  • PC Anna Tarmanowska

PCs' Mark Solder and Anna Tarmanowska located a man following a call for a concern for safety. PC Tarmanowska reassured the man while PC Solder made arrangements to take him to hospital.  He appeared relatively calm and engaged well but then attempted to take his own life. Their swift and courageous actions resulted in the man being taken for medical treatment and referred to partner agencies. 


  • PCSO Natalie Elliott

In July last year a call was made to Lincolnshire Police to report that a person had received a leg injury involving a knife. PCSO Natalie Elliott attended the incident along with other colleagues, and whilst the victim was being tended she assisted in a search for the offender.

PCSO Elliott noticed a woman acting suspiciously nearby and upon being spotted made off on foot. Although not afforded the personal protective equipment of a police officer, PCSO Elliott pursued the woman and caught her with little regard for her own safety. PCSO Elliott remained composed and engaged with the woman in order to calm her, detaining the suspect until other officers arrived. When the woman was searched her bag was found to contain two kitchen knives.

This is one example of Natalie’s professionalism and dedication to duties that are above and beyond what is expected of her role as Police Community Support Officer. She demonstrated outstanding bravery in her pursuit and detention of an armed offender.


  • PC Nigel Beck
  • PC Jenna Ferrier
  • PC Chris Hearn
  • PC Andy Kelly,
  • PC Chris Pearson
  • PC Simon Wright
  • T/Detective Constable Charlotte Harmon


We are sorry for any offence caused.

Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo would like to pass the following message on.

It was not our intention to cause offence to the 617 Squadron or anyone else as a result of our recent media release relating to our Football Spotting Unit.  We recognise that the overwhelming majority of football fans do not behave in an anti-social manner.

The information we published related to a previous football season and is not in any way reflective of the latest season, which saw a significant reduction in football related incidents and the great result of Lincoln City being promoted to League One. We should have made that clear.

We are really keen to continue to build relationships with all fans and supporters groups and look forward to meeting representatives in the near future.


Following Lincoln City Football Club's promotion to League Two, this presented the force with challenges around new clubs, new groups of supporters and an increase in fixtures that required public order policing.

To meet these challenges the Lincolnshire Police Football Unit sought to reinvigorate itself by recruiting new members to supplement existing spotters to a total strength of 10 officers. The vision from the outset was to professionalise the unit and strike a difficult balance between reassuring thousands of supporters and the club community whilst relentlessly gathering intelligence and evidence around the minority risk element.

Of particular note is the contribution by PC Chris Pearson who instigated, maintained and tutored officers in the effective use of social media. He also created a Lincolnshire Police Football Unit Twitter account, which has a large number of followers and continues to grow.

The spotting team was pivotal in securing 12 football banning orders with all but one suspect pleading guilty based on the quality of evidence gathered against them. The final suspect was later found guilty at trial.


  • PC Charlie Hope (unable to attend)
  • PC Lyndsay Postles

In the early hours of 24 February 2018 PCs Charlie Hope and Lyndsay Postles attended a fight in Gainsborough town centre. On arrival they were faced with an unconscious man who had stopped breathing. PCs’ Hope and Postles calmly dealt with this, crucially making sure the man’s airways were open by holding his head steady and talking to him in a professional and reassuring manner. They assisted the attending first responder and the man was eventually stabilised and conveyed to hospital where his injuries were diagnosed as a broken nose and a bleed on the brain.

The prompt and professional actions of these two constables undoubtedly saved the man’s life. Unfortunately Charlie cannot be with us tonight to collect her award. 


  • PC Jordan Bathie-Drexler (unable to attend the ceremony)
  • PC Matt Trayling (unable to attend the ceremony)
  • PC Chris Bayes-Walker (unable to attend the ceremony)
  • Sergeant Jim Morrison
  • PC Becky Baker
  • PC Nick Fox
  • PC Pete McErlean


On July 5, 2018, officers were called to a report of a possible domestic incident in Bridge Street in Grantham.  Upon arrival they noticed a man in the street acting suspiciously.  As officers approached the man, he made off but was detained after a foot chase. He was found to be in possession of an incapacitant spray.

The officers’ attention was then drawn to an address in Bridge Street where two occupants were discovered with significant facial injuries, along with a substantial cannabis grow.  Timely and dynamic witness enquiries in the area identified there were two other persons involved along with a vehicle.  Prompt communication with the control room resulted in this vehicle being stopped in Leicestershire.  On searching the potential route taken by the second suspect a significant quantity of cannabis was recovered. 

This was an unexpectedly challenging and extremely fluid incident with multiple and varied demands being placed on those in attendance.  The alertness of the initial attending officers, supported by the prompt, agile and coordinated approach of their colleagues, meant that all initial lines of enquiry were maximised.  Their actions ensured that dangerous offenders were apprehended and a significant quantity of drugs recovered.


  • PC Graham Oakes

Just after midnight on September 7th, PC Graham Oakes had finished his tour of duty and was packing away his kit at Bourne police station. At that time a call was received reporting suspicious behaviour at the local Barnados Store. There were no other officers nearby and despite having packed away most of his kit, Graham offered to attend. On arrival he was confronted with a dangerous situation; he had just disturbed three men committing an aggravated burglary. One offender fled in a vehicle, driving straight at PC Oakes who had to move out of the way to avoid being hit.

Two further men were still at the scene and when PC Oakes confronted them he was sprayed with a liquid before they charged at him and then ran off. PC Oakes radioed for assistance and was involved in the search for the offenders. The driver of the vehicle and another man were arrested a short time later.

Over the next couple of hours, while writing his statement at the station, a call was reported about a suspicious man walking along a main road. Despite approaching his eighteenth hour on duty, PC Oakes chose to attend with a colleague and arrested the man.

Graham demonstrated extreme bravery, dedication and professionalism throughout this incident.


  • Insp Carrie Diamond
  • DS Andrew Kirk
  • DS Kerry Webb
  • PC Ben Blackwell
  • DC Kerry Brooks
  • PC Lewis Burchnall
  • PC Darren Clifton
  • PC Nicola Defraine
  • PC Matthew Flintham
  • PC Sonia Harris
  • PC Cassie Knapp
  • PC 416 Loughton
  • PC Rob Newboult
  • PC Rebecca Templeman
  • PC Chloe Toyn
  • DC Patricia Wells
  • PC Ian Wyatt
  • Lauren McGhie


The above were awarded the Area Commander’s Commendation for their work on Op Avenue, an investigation into county lines, being the first national conviction utilising modern slavery legislation.


  • DS Kerry Webb
  • PC Ian Freeman
  • PC Cassie Knapp
  • PC Becky Templeman
  • PC Dave Sargent
  • Lauren McGhie

Operation Inglewood was led by Detective Sergeant Kerry Webb into a series of burglaries including commercial cigarette breaks, ATM thefts and car key burglaries.  It was clear the offenders were highly skilled criminals and left little to no trace of evidence at scenes. 

An operation was set up to capture the offenders that resulted in three men being identified.  Once the investigation began PC Freeman took over the role of Officer in the Case and was assisted by PCs Knapp and Templeman. This was an extraordinarily large and complex investigation with very limited timescales involving several other forces.  It was clear that without the hard work of the team and that of DS Webb as supervisor, the prosecution could have failed due. The analytical work in the investigation was completed by Lauren McGhie. The quality of her work was commented on not only by the prosecution team but also the judge.

The offenders were given a total of 28 years in prison and in his summing up Judge Hirst specifically mentioned each of the six members of the investigation team to be commended for their work.

Unfortunately, none of the officers who worked on Operation Inglewood were able to attend the evening.

On April 9, 2018, PC Phil Lazenby volunteered to attend a report of a disturbance at an address where the front windows were being smashed.

PC Lazenby was met by a man stood in the front room, presenting in an aggressive manner. He tried to communicate with the man through the broken windows but then noticed a frail, elderly woman in the house.

To avoid any confrontation PC Lazenby gained entry and attempted to arrest the man who hit out at him PC Lazenby managed to deploy restrain the man until other officers arrived.

PC Lazenby volunteered for what was clearly a violent incident and displayed extreme bravery throughout, putting the safety of others before his own in order to protect a vulnerable member of the public in a very dangerous situation.


  • Special constable Mike Pursey

Mike Pursey joined Lincolnshire Police Special Constabulary in May 1993. Since the day he started SC Pursey has shown high levels of dedication for what he sees as a vocation. Undeterred by his commitment to a very successful career outside of the police service, Mike has continually gone above the minimum requirements of the role of Special Constable. Not only has he averaged over 100 hours per month for the last four years, he has worked shifts on Christmas Day (which also happens to be his birthday!).

SC Pursey is very much considered by his ‘regular’ colleagues to be one of the shift. He has been pivotal in many successful prosecutions: for example, in March 2017 he voluntarily attended the Magistrates’ Court in support of officers and provided key witness evidence in a case of drug-driving and speeding. Mike’s evidence proved essential and led to a successful conviction. This prompted the Magistrates to comment on how credible, clear and concise his evidence was in court and commended him at the time.

He has put himself forward for additional training and was the first Special Constable in the Force to be personally issued with a mobile data terminal. This not only allows him to complete an array of policing tasks when attending incidents, but with a background in IT he also offers his professional assistance with IT problems: this has included rectifying faults with body-worn video systems and mobile data terminal software. Mike is a tremendous asset to the force and a huge credit to the uniform he wears.


  • Detective Constable Gareth Ramsey

Detective Constable Gareth Ramsey was officer in the case for Operation Fluxion, which was an investigation into a conspiracy to commit burglaries across Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire between June and July 2017.

There were a total of 27 offences in the series that were clearly organised and committed by a group intent on stealing high value property such as high performance cars, jewellery, cash and firearms. The offenders used stolen vehicles to commit both dwelling and commercial burglaries, which included an ATM drag-out offence at Rampton in Nottinghamshire.

Sean Steele, James Evans and Bobby Parr were arrested following the pursuit of a stolen vehicle that crashed in Newark; this involved resources from Response, Roads Policing and the National Police Air Service.  John Dixon was arrested the following day after being identified from intelligence work. All four individuals were charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, and one was also charged with dangerous driving and associated traffic offences.

Throughout the investigation PC Ramsey liaised with officers from all the other forces and completed enquiries to an exceptional level, these included CCTV reviews, automatic number plate recognition, phone work and numerous witness statements being obtained. There was also a large quantity of seized items and subsequent forensic submissions. Gareth produced an excellent file for court and was complimented by the prosecutor on the quality of the investigation.

In March 2018 Gareth successfully secured lengthy sentences of:

10 years for Steele

8 years six months for Parr, and

6 years nine months for Evans and Dixon.


  • PC Mark Solder
  • PC Anna Tarmanowska

On May 24th, 2018 police were called about a concern for safety of a vulnerable man who had sought help from a local medical practice.  The man left the medical practice threatening to take his own life. 

PC Solder and PC Tarmanowska located the man. PC Tarmanowska reassured the man while PC Solder made arrangements to take him to hospital. 

Their swift and courageous actions, whilst putting themselves in harm’s way, resulted in the man being safely disarmed before he was able to cause himself any injury.  He was then safely taken for medical treatment. 


  • PC Pete Stevenson
  • PC Craig Wray

On September 23rd, 2018, PCs Stevenson and Wray were called to an address following a call from a frightened female victim who was in a violent relationship.   The victim was attacked by her partner.

As officers arrived the offender tried to hide in the loft area of the house and when discovered he started throwing items down, injuring both of the constables. The offender eventually fell through the ceiling and lunged at PC Wray, punching him in the face. using Taser and Personal Protective Equipment for fear of the children being accidentally injured. Eventually, the offender was overpowered and taken into custody.

Both officers sustained injuries during this incident but their brave and selfless actions prevented further injuries to the woman that could have been potentially life threatening.


Judge’s Certificate of Commendation

  • Detective Constable Phil Richardson 

On 28 January 2019, at Leicester Crown Court, Detective Constable Phil Richardson was highly commended by His Honour Judge Head in relation to Op Tarlac.

This investigation concerned the defrauding of mainly public bodies, most notably NHS Trusts, by an international organised crime group. The case involved the fraudulent diversion and laundering of funds through a network of company bank accounts in the UK, Europe and ultimately in the United Arab Emirates.

Following the conclusion of three trials a total of 14 defendants were convicted of various offences of conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to launder money, money laundering and perverting the course of justice. Those convicted were handed prison sentences in excess of 50 years.

His Honour Judge Head highly commended DC Richardson l for the considerable degree of hard work and input that he had watched and noted throughout proceedings, as well as the absolute diligence that he had shown to the investigation from its inception through to its conclusion.


*Notes to editors: Not all officers were able to attend the awards 


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