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Police impersonation fraud

We have seen an increase in police impersonation fraud since June 21st.

The reports first started in the Grantham area with reports of police impersonation fraud reported in the Stamford area from June 25th until July 4th.

The method being used by the offenders is the victim receives an unsolicited telephone call from someone purporting to be a police officer; often they state they are from a London based force but occasionally they have said they are from Lincolnshire Police. 

They state that there has been fraud on the victims’ bank account and they will look to establish how much money the victim has and will try to convince the victim that a rogue bank employee is involved in the crime. 

They will tell to victim to withdraw money and that that money must be seized by police.  Often they will tell the victim the money is fake and must be fingerprinted.

The aim of this type of fraud is to convince the victim to withdraw a large amount of money and hand it over to a courier who will come to their address to collect it.

At this time at least £16,300 is known to have been lost to these fraudsters in this recent series of fraud across the county.

These criminals activity target the elderly residents, please talk to friends and family and report any calls to police or Action Fraud.

For further advice on fraud visit our advice page: https://www.lincs.police.uk/reporting-advice/fraud-and-scams/

If you receive a call and are unsure, please hang up the phone immediately and call 101 on a different line.

You can also report the call to Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.

  • Operation Signature works alongside other organisations, such as Lincolnshire Trading Standards, to raise awareness of this and many other types of fraud.
  • Follow Op Signature at its dedicated Twitter account: @Op_Signature

05 Jul 19 2:07 PM

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