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Officers awarded for policing with PRIDE

Louise Haigh MP, Shadow Policing Minister presented awards at a ceremony at Police HQ last night.

Officers were recognised for heroic and lifesaving acts as well as diligence, dedication and innovation.

PC Adam Barton and Sgt Robert Gray received a Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificates and Certificates of Chief Constable’s Commendation. 

After policing a Lincoln City football match in March 2018 the Officers were alerted to a man who had been taken ill. The man was unresponsive and when the Officers could not feel a pulse, they commenced CPR. The man was later taken to hospital by ambulance and went on to make a full recovery.

The Consultant at Lincoln County Hospital said, “Whatever training those Officers had been given it certainly worked. Without their actions the ambulance crew would probably not have got him back.”   

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “It is without doubt that PC Barton and Sgt Gray were crucial to saving this man’s life.”   

PC Mark Brown, T/DI Ewan Gell and Vehicle Investigator John Kidals received a Certificate of Commendation from Saint Helena Police.  

Their assistance in providing technical guidance to the investigation into a fatal road traffic collision on the remote island of Saint Helena, proved to be a turning point.

Chief Insp Dave Plumb said, “As a result of their support, the offender was convicted and imprisoned leaving an increased confidence in the judicial system on the island. Equally, if not more importantly, there was a sense of closure for the parents of the victim who did not believe they would receive justice for the death of their son. 

PC Andrew Atkins, PC William Murphy and T/Insp Nick Waters received a Certificate of Chief Constable’s Commendation.

In September 2018 the Officers attended a call in Spalding. Upon arrival they saw smoke coming from a bathroom window of the home. They managed to force their way in, put out the fire and get an unconscious man safely out of the building.

Chief Supt Paul Timmins said, “The Officers all put themselves at risk. Their bravery, courage and teamwork were incredible and selfless acts that resulted in saving a man’s life.”    

PC Mark Brown received a Certificate of Chief Constable’s Commendation.

PC Brown investigated a fatal collision which happened in March 2016 on the A15 at Roxholm. It was claimed by the defence that strong winds had blown the defendants car on to the other side of the road into the path of the oncoming car.

The SCIU (Serious Collision Investigation Unit) seized on an opportunity provided by Storm Doris. Bringing winds twice the strength of the day of the collision, and of the same direction, the team were able to attend the scene and gather evidence to prove that it was not possible for the wind on the day to affect the car’s handling to the extent that it would be blown onto the other side of the road.

At the conclusion of the case His Honour Judge Hirst singled out the Collision Investigator, PC Mark Brown for special praise, observing that he had obtained powerful footage on the day of Storm Doris.  He indicated that Constable Brown should be commended for his conduct.

Chief Insp Dave Plumb said “PC Brown’s dedication, professionalism and commitment during this investigation was truly outstanding.”

The following Officers were presented with Police Long Service Service and Good Conduct Medals 

DS Andrew Burtenshaw

Chief Supt Paul Timmins said, “Andrew is held in the highest of regards by the teams that he has managed.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is the guiding light for all officers that have worked with him. Whilst his investigations are performed to a consistently high standard, what sets him apart is how much he genuinely cares about his team and the hard work and dedication he commits to ensuring the welfare of his officers.  This has been a consistent theme throughout Andrew’s career.”

Insp Jez Kumar

Chief Supt Paul Timmins said, “This year Jez qualified as a force fitness mentor, providing flexible support and advice on how to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle and this will meet the specific needs of the individual.  He has done much to help, support and improve the wellbeing of our officers and staff, for example his “Take a Sip” Campaign to get everybody in Lincolnshire Police to drink more water.”

PC Martin Green

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “Martin often gets spoken to by his supervisors for working too many hours (even though he doesn’t want paying for them) because he is so very passionate about this work. His tenacity in this area of business recently helped the North West Regional Crime Unit with a conviction in relation to a £100 million drugs business.  Martin had dealt with the offender for illegal hare coursing and that incident provided vital information to the North West Unit, which culminated in a lengthy jail term for the offender.”

T/Sgt Philip Muirhead

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “As the team leader for the county multi-agency approach to reducing prolific and harmful offending through the Assisting Rehabilitation through Collaboration (ARC team) Phil is able to use some of his trademark skills through this work; he is thoughtful, progressive, able to work across partnerships, build lasting relationships and work "outside of the box".  He is also able to lead through example, having strong leadership skills and abilities. Phil balances a drive for success with good humour and kindness, and epitomises the best qualities of our leaders.”

T/Insp Lee Nixon

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “Lee is intelligent and articulate and is the very embodiment of professionalism, taking great pride in all the roles he has performed over the years.   Lee conducts himself in an exemplary way and is a shining example to any young officer; he is a credit to Lincolnshire Police and the profession as a whole.”

T/Sgt Simon Percy

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “Temporary Sergeant Simon Percy has spent the majority of his service in West Lindsey, responding to the variety of incidents that occur across such a diverse geographic area, from capturing escaped animals to the most serious of crimes.  Simon has proved to be a positive role model for his colleagues, adopting a professional and friendly demeanour in order to ensure a high level of service is given to the community.” 

DC Philip Richardson  

Chief Insp Phil Vickers said, “Phil is a stalwart of Lincoln CID.  He has seen the department transform and alter over the years but has remained positive, dependable and skilled in his craft. Phil was abstracted for a number of years to Op Tarlac and became an authority in the area of disclosure; an area that up until recently was greatly underestimated, and he played a key role in bringing about the successful outcome to this investigation.  Phil is a tutor and over the years has helped develop new and enthusiastic officers and continues to act as a mentor.”

08 Feb 19 11:40 AM

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