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Man jailed for cyber fraud

A man has been jailed for multiple cyber enabled fraud offences.

Stuart Vissers, 43, of Southampton, pleaded guilty to eight separate offences of fraud and money laundering committed against two vulnerable and isolated victims in the Lincolnshire area. He was also convicted of a separate offence of witness intimidation.

He was sentenced to five years imprisonment after a hearing at Lincoln Crown Court on May 8th.

Over a period of approximately  three years Vissers used multiple identities to make repeated contact via phone calls and emails with the victims to over ‘sell’ them IT related products before adapting his offending to ‘sell’ the victims investment opportunities which were a complete falsity.

Throughout the time of the offending Vissers defrauded the victims out of their life savings enabling him to enjoy holidays, a materialistic lifestyle and to conduct large amounts of gambling.

The investigation itself identified that the victims were not only being defrauded by Vissers but found that one of their carer’s was committing fraud and theft offences against them at the same time but separate to Vissers offending.

The victims’ carer – Alexandra Rust, 42, of Shaw Road, Boston, was subject to a separate investigation resulting in a two year custodial prison sentence. Rust was jailed after a previous hearing at Lincoln Crown Court in 2017.

Rust committed the offences against the victims in the knowledge of the ongoing frauds being committed against them by what were believed to be multiple offenders but were in fact the different identities used by Vissers. Neither Vissers nor Rust are known to each other yet both chose to offend against some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Operation Termite has been a lengthy and complex investigation in relation to multiple cyber enabled fraud offences committed against two vulnerable and isolated victims in the Lincolnshire area.

PC Chris Roberts of the Economic Crime Unit said: “Although the victims have endured overwhelming upset and devastating financial losses due to the crimes committed by Vissers and Rust they have found the strength to look to the future and want to let other people know, who may currently feel isolated and vulnerable due to fraud, that help is available and that things can improve.”

Operation Signature is the force campaign to identify and support vulnerable victims of fraud in Lincolnshire. Fraud is a hidden and under-reported crime with victims often in denial or unaware of the criminality behind it. Increasingly fraud is becoming more complex and sophisticated, much of which is targeted at vulnerable and elderly people.”

If you think you have been a victim of fraud to know someone who may have been affected, even if it was unsuccessful you should report it.

You can report it by calling us on 101 or by contacting Action Fraud actionfraud.police.uk - 0300 123 2040


13 May 19 2:34 PM

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