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Make a change project launch

Make a Change is a pilot project, developed by Respect, in partnership with Women’s Aid, to deliver an early response to domestic abuse in Lincolnshire and Sussex, creating opportunities for change for those who use abusive behaviours in their relationships. Inspired by the Women’s Aid Change That Lasts approach, we are working with local delivery organisations to offer those who work with us to opportunity to Make a Change for:

  • Their community
  • Their organisation
  • Themselves
  • Their families

The work is funded by the Home Office and supported by the Office of Police Crime Commissioner in Lincolnshire and Sussex as well as the Police and the Local Authorities in each area.

Victoria Cousins, Director of Make a Change at Respect, said: ‘‘This work is an innovative approach to support communities and professionals to develop the skills and confidence to identify and respond to domestic abuse. By providing meaningful opportunities for change, we can support those who are ready, willing, and able to change their patterns of behaviour. Central to our approach are the needs of survivors; we ensure that those who are experiencing abuse get the support they need, when they need it.’’

Ruth Mason, Change That Lasts Business Development Lead at Women’s Aid, said: “Make a Change will help bring about a step change in how we tackle domestic abuse. Based on our innovative Change That Lasts model, the programme will help the community to identify abusers earlier and safely challenge their behaviour. Working together with Respect, we will ensure that this work is done with the safety and wellbeing of survivors and their children at its heart; tackling coercive control not just physical violence and ensuring survivors are getting specialist support too. Together, we will deliver an effective early intervention response to abusers and bring about a system-wide change in our response to domestic abuse.”

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, said: “Domestic abuse is a despicable crime that is not always physical in nature; coercive and controlling behaviour is just as damaging but harder to identify as signs are not outwardly obvious.

I am fully committed to working collaboratively with partners to achieve early recognition of abuse, swift action and prevention of re-offending.”

For more information please contact:


Our delivery partners are:

In Lincolnshire: The Jenkins Centre and SoLDAS

In Sussex: RISE and Cranstoun.

07 Feb 19 12:03 PM

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