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Brothers win award for outstanding contribution

Two inspirational brothers have been given an award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Service.

Luke and Ryan Hart were recognised after demonstrating an outstanding ability and commitment to speaking out about domestic violence and abuse following the death of their mum Claire and their sister Charlotte, who were killed by their dad.

Claire and Charlotte had moved out of the family home, to what was hoped to be a new start and a place of safety. Despite their father’s controlling nature they had never considered their lives to be in danger, they had never considered that they were victims of domestic abuse – as their father was never physically violent.

Since this heart-breaking experience, Luke and Ryan have demonstrated an outstanding ability and commitment to speaking out about domestic violence and abuse. They have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Both Luke and Ryan were pivotal voices in the Domestic Homicide Review that followed, and faced the local media on its publication on 29th November, 2018.

The Domestic Homicide Review publication reached Sky News, ITV News and BBC Breakfast amongst many other news outlets. They worked to encourage victims, who may not have identified the abuse yet, or may be living with the situation, to come forward and seek support.

Luke and Ryan spoke at the county’s domestic abuse conference in November 2018 and have since launched their own organisation, Coco Awareness, published a best-selling book and have become White Ribbon Ambassadors and Refuge Champions. They are speaking regularly at events nationally and internationally.

Luke and Ryan received the award as part of Lincolnshire Police’s annual recognition awards.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions from officers, staff and members of the public.

Luke and Ryan were unable to attend the ceremony, which was held at Hemswell Court.

Chief Constable Bill Skelly addressed the awards ceremony, and said: “The citations (below) demonstrate the profound commitment to public service shown by the officers, staff and volunteers of Lincolnshire Police, as well as members of the public.

“That commitment and support tell us everything about what it means to belong to this great organisation – it demonstrates the special quality of policing in this county and it makes me feel incredibly proud and privileged to be your Chief Constable.”


Nicky Van Der Drift, CEO of International Bomber Command Centre, presented the majority of awards. Award winners are as follows:  

Outstanding professionalism award

Jon Morris, who is a mental health liaison officer, has been the driving force for improving outcomes for those that come into contact with the police and  suffer with mental health issues.  When Jon took over his role, some four years ago there was only one health based place of safety and most S.136 Mental Health Adult detainees went to a police cell.

Four years later we have multiple health based places of safety and almost zero detainees end up in a police cell.  There are also mental health guidelines in place and the work has been recognised by HMICFRS.  

Jon has also been a key player in bringing together partners across Lincolnshire and is also a key participant in the production of the Mental Health Hub and remains a standing member of the Lincolnshire Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.

Making a Difference Award

The Evita team

Chief Inspector Stewart Brinn

Inspector Claire Hime

Sergeant Steven Parker

Constable Nigel Beck

Constable Geordie Brown

Detective Constable Gary Johnston

Constable Thomas Scott

Constable Jason Templeman

Constable Chloe Toyn

The Evita Team was formed as part of a multi-agency response to the complex issue of rough sleeping in Lincoln city centre.

The Evita team has conducted numerous dynamic enforcement operations and planned warrants against those involved in the supply of drugs across Lincoln.

They have formed enduring relationships with a host of partners; Rough Sleeper Project, Nomad, YMCA, P3, Intervention Team, Lincoln Big, all based on trust and mutual respect. 

It is through maximising the use of all these combined resources that they have been able to achieve positive outcomes for individuals and the wider community. 

The dedication, hard work, proactivity and professionalism of the Evita team cannot be underestimated.  Shift changes, flexibility but more importantly a real belief in their ability to make a real, significant and lasting difference to people’s lives shines through their work.

The Evita Team was formed as part of a multi-agency response to the complex issue of rough sleeping in Lincoln city centre.  Local businesses and city centre managers identified the issue as the most significant facing the city, affecting the economy, tourism and contributing to public concerns around safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement.

The team worked with vulnerable persons who were commonly rough sleeping, suffering from addiction, physical and mental health concerns, exploitation, crime, violence and intimidation.  By breaking the cycle of offending using positive interventions and enforcement, the team has effectively and significantly reduced the risk of harm to these individuals. 


Highly Commended Certificate for Outstanding Professionalism

Sergeant Kimble Enderby

Constable Alex Bedford

Constable Jonathan Jones

Constable Gina McConville

Constable Nicola Senescall


In the past 12 months in addition to the core work of managing some 4500 licences in the Force, the Licensing Team working alongside partners have undertaken a number of successful operations against licensed premises across the County targeting illegal activity in premises.  This has been achieved by using their expert knowledge around licensing legislation and utilising their powers. 

As a result of these operations large quantities of illegal products have been seized, illegal workers have been found and a number of licenses have been revoked.

The licensing department have contributed significantly to safeguarding the communities of Lincolnshire and have prevented crime and disorder by their intervention. 

Counterfeit alcohol and illicit cigarettes are dangerous to the community as the contents are unknown and it is also defrauding HMRC of money.  In two raids alone over 1,000,000 cigarettes, 71 KG of tobacco, 1 KG of cannabis and 900,000 cans and bottles of alcohol have been taken off the streets.

These are impressive results and the team have achieved this due to their high motivation, professional knowledge, team work and a lot of flexibility in their day to day working.

Unfortunately Constable Alex Bedford, Constable Gina McConville and Constable Nicola Senescall were unable to attend the ceremony.  However, the Chief Constable was pleased to ask Nicky van der Drift to present Highly Commended Certificates for Outstanding Professionalism to Sergeant Kimble Enderby and Constable Jonathan Jones.



Above and Beyond

Cheryl Ransome

The G4S People Development Department covers a wide range of training courses and learning activities to Lincolnshire Police.  At the heart of our ethos is a passionate belief in helping to make a difference to Lincolnshire Police Officers and Staff in supporting them in developing their skills and knowledge.

Cheryl is a member of our Policing Skills training team with her specialism being Safeguarding.

Over the last year Cheryl has pro-actively identified areas of additional support and development opportunities for Lincolnshire Police and has taken on the responsibility as Lead Trainer for vulnerability and risk.

Cheryl has also teamed up with a Lincolnshire Police colleague to champion the adoption of a nationally recognised mental health first aid programme to support the wellbeing of Lincolnshire Police Officers and Staff. 

Cheryl is now the Lead Trainer in this programme and has worked alongside her Lincolnshire Police colleague to develop the extended police specific legislation element to the Mental Health First Aid training.

Cheryl is the epitome of what our team works towards, she is humble, passionate, dedicated and well respected.  Cheryl is well known across the Force for her knowledge, caring nature and commitment to developing others. 

Cheryl consistently conducts herself to a high standard which is represented in the praise that we receive on the courses she delivers.


Highly Commended Certificate for Above and Beyond Award

Bethany Wright

Beth has been the Volunteer Engagement and Support Officer for a little over two years and in that time she has made such a positive impression on so many people; not only on volunteers but officers and staff, partners in the voluntary sector, in fact, everyone she meets.

Beth takes every opportunity to meet and get to know new volunteers. She comes in on her days off to help out with Special Constabulary interviews and tries to get to all new volunteer induction meetings.

Beth doesn't think twice about working late or at weekends to accommodate the needs of volunteers, officers or staff and never goes home leaving a job unfinished - nothing is too much trouble for Beth.


Beth’s friendly, personable approach has endeared her to so many volunteers. She listens to their stories, helps out with administrative chores, gets their IT and tech queries sorted and has supported some through some very testing times.

Beth is organised and efficient and no task is too big or too small for her; she approaches everything with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. 

Beth is an excellent ambassador for the Force and, at recruitment or engagement events, she excels. Beth has a really positive attitude that reflects well on the Force.  I have no doubt that without Beth's efforts Lincolnshire Police would have a less happy, less productive and less effective volunteer base.  Beth routinely goes above and beyond and is a pleasure to work with.


Citizen of the Year

Anita Moore

The Citizen of the Year award is for outstanding and particularly praiseworthy actions by a non-member of Lincolnshire Police that promotes public reassurance, reduces the fear of crime, and reduces crime or anti-social behaviour in Lincolnshire.

Anita goes far beyond the average contribution of members of the public or many employees of public service organisations.  At a moment’s notice, Anita will mobilise to deliver support to victims of fires, flooding and other incidents that cause trauma or serious disruption.  In particular, this included working long and unsocial hours to provide support to victims of Modern Slavery offences, to great effect.


Anita’s work has directly changed victims’ lives, as well as positively influencing national good practice and investigation outcomes to the benefit of many other victims and organisations. Similarly, her extensive work to support persons affected by flooding, fires, snow, fatal accidents and other serious incidents has been to the benefit of hundreds of members of the public across the county.

You can contact Anita pretty much 24/7 any day of the year and when you do, you are invariably greeted with a positive, enthusiastic response and a ‘can-do’ attitude, which rubs off on her team with the result that what you ask for gets done with a smile and great gusto. Lincolnshire Police recognises this outstanding contribution to public service.


PRIDE Award of the Year

Sarah Norburn

Working as the Domestic Abuse Coordinator for Lincolnshire Police, Sarah Norburn will often go above and beyond, working with a passion for supporting those who are at their most vulnerable as a result of this hidden crime. 

The importance of partnership working to support victims from harm is crucial and with recent changes in the Council, meaning an interim period with no partnership coordinator, Sarah picked up a significant amount of additional work to keep the partnership working over a number of months.  Sarah managed this with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm, in addition to her day job.

Supporting changes to the Force structure for Protecting Vulnerable Persons, Sarah has worked with partner agencies to support these changes, revising processes and ensuring we all continue to work to the highest possible standards to support those being subjected to Domestic Abuse.

Seeking to enhance our response to Domestic Abuse, Sarah has been pivotal in securing Police Transformation Funding to develop an innovative perpetrator programme, “Make a Change”, which has been successfully launched across Lincolnshire and will see a counselling led solution to supporting those who are perpetrators of domestic abuse to change their offending behaviours.

Sarah works as an advocate for Lincolnshire Police, encompassing the principles of PRIDE; representing the Force at national, regional and local level, arranging and facilitating conferences and supporting the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.  Sarah maintains a positive and professional social media profile to promote the service and how people can obtain help. 

All of this Sarah does in an entirely selfless manner to ensure, as a Force, we are doing all we can to tackle domestic abuse.


Special Constabulary Officer of the Year

Kevin Taylor

Kevin has been a Special Constabulary Officer for over 15 years, serving in both Humberside and Lincolnshire Police Forces.  He has been the nominated Chief Drone Pilot for Lincolnshire Police since January 2018 with direct responsibility for the administration of the force drone capability.  This has included flying operations and ensuring the operating procedures we use exceed that which is required, helping to push our unit to the forefront, gaining national and international recognition and ensuring we provide excellent service to the public.

In the last 12 months Kevin has contributed over 1000 hours of his time and has represented the force, presenting to audiences from around the world at international expo events. His media work with local, national and international outlets has raised the profile of emergency service drone use and led to widespread acceptance that drones are beneficial.

Kevin’s tireless flexibility has supported countless local and mutual aid operations to surrounding forces, such as Nottinghamshire for the successful search of an elderly lady with dementia and Humberside flying off the marine unit boat supporting the search for Libby Squires.

Kevin provides the force with a unique set of skills from his piloting background and anyone who works with him will say that his enthusiasm, dedication and determination are infectious.  There is simply no-one else within the organisation that would have been able to get our programme to where it is today. 

Kevin gives his time freely and willingly and his contribution has not only saved lives but made communities safer and promoted Lincolnshire Police in the best possible light.


Highly Commended Certificate for Special Constabulary Officer of the Year

Special Constable Jordan Wakefield

Jordan Wakefield joined Lincolnshire Police as a Special Constable in October 2017 and currently works at Bourne Police Station.

Prior to this, Jordan was a police cadet and in 2017 he commenced studies for his Policing Degree, but continues to give his time to the cadets as part of the Instructor Team at Bourne and more recently at Spalding.

Jordan embraces a broad spectrum of policing and has given his personal time unselfishly.  He is a productive officer, a pleasure to work alongside and a real asset to Lincolnshire Police. Jordan’s presence whilst on duty is seen as a true counterpart to colleagues.

During the last year Jordan was instrumental in identifying a nominal who was part of a local vehicle crime series leading to the disruption of such criminality, but he also knows  the importance of having a “human element” to policing, setting high standards for others to follow.

Jordan is a valued member of the team and the Force greatly appreciates the contribution he has made to policing in Lincolnshire. His continuous display of enthusiasm encapsulates the dedication he has to help others and is an example that future generations can aspire to follow.


Copper’s Copper

Constable Darren Christie

Lincolnshire Police Federation’s Copper’s Copper award is given to an officer, nominated by peers, not for one outstanding piece of police work or bravery or investigation, but it is for that solid individual who can be relied upon to regularly go the extra mile, support colleagues, work hard throughout the year come hail or shine and thereby provide a tremendous service to the people of Lincolnshire.

Some years ago, the previous Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes allowed this award to take place during these Annual Recognition Awards and we are grateful to our current Chief Constable, Bill Skelly, for allowing this to continue.

I am therefore delighted that this year’s award goes to Constable Darren Christie.  Darren is nearly always the first to arrive and often the last to leave; he is always out of the station, providing that much needed visible presence on the street.

I’m told that his peers often wonder whether he ever eats as he is very rarely seen taking a refreshment break!

Darren is always the first on the radio, offering to take a call to assist a member of the public.  Often these calls are the ones where most coppers’ hearts sink – not Darren, he tackles these with gusto and if this takes time to get the correct resolution, then so be it.

Darren has a real nose for sniffing out a criminal. His pursuit of named suspects from the briefing is relentless and he will leave no stone unturned to target them, whether that be seizing the vehicles they are using, giving them tickets or submitting intelligence.  In short, he ‘gets in their faces’.  At times when people say we don’t do pro-active policing, Darren is the counter to this.

Come rain or shine, Darren is out of the station, dealing with whatever comes his way and targeting those that cause us most harm.  It doesn’t matter what work he has got on, Darren always finds room for more.

Darren has an extremely strong work ethic that many officers would do well to emulate.  He is a role model for student officers in how to be an effective and efficient officer.


Volunteer of the Year

Eric Vickers

Eric has been a volunteer and has made invaluable contributions to Lincolnshire Police since 2014.

Eric first worked at Spalding when a locally run CCTV was staffed by volunteers, the facility moved to Boston Borough Council where Eric has continued to carry out his voluntary work, he views and collects CCTV footage which saves valuable officers’ hours.

Eric assists with transporting vehicles across the county and to Headquarters for servicing or repairs and he also collects exhibits from across the county and beyond.  The support and service that Eric provides is invaluable, as it allows officer’s to continue with their duties, such as speaking to witnesses and building crime files, it also allows the Caretaker to stay on site at the station to ensure everything remains in good working order.

Eric is always enthusiastic, co-operative and is real asset to the team at Spalding and to Lincolnshire Police.

Not only is Eric receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award this evening, he is also being presented with his 5 years’ Volunteer Long Service Certificate and Lincolnshire Police offers its sincere thanks to Eric for his contribution.


Stacey Pyke Award for Student Officer of the Year Constable Connor Ingamells

PC Connor Ingamells 

Connor Ingamells is an outstanding student officer who excelled from day one of his tutored period.  Everything that Connor carries out is to the highest standards and he sets a bar many experienced officers would struggle to reach.

Connor has superb interpersonal skills, with the ability to be able to speak to victims of crime, suspects and members of the public in a manner which is both professional and calming. 

Connor is highly effective when investigating crimes, providing accurate and timely updates to the victims.  He is happy to take the lead in live incidents and often covers remote stations where he gives careful consideration to the practicalities of how he deals with each incident. 

Connor also uses his initiative, conducting proactive patrols and actively seeking out wanted individuals whilst having the confidence to ask for guidance when necessary.  He consistently excels in his role, encompassing the code of ethics in everything he does. 

Connor gives his full attention and diligence to all incidents, which sets him aside from others. An example of this is shown in his attendance at a concern for welfare whereby a man left his address stating he was going to kill himself. 

On locating the male Connor remained calm, spending time building a rapport until the man began to engage.  Connor utilised a friend of the man to act as a third party and arranged the appropriate mental health treatment needed.  

Connor has received notes of good work in relation to assisting CID with their investigations.  One such note related to the successful arrest of two suspects for a series of distraction burglaries.  The Detective Sergeant highlighted the ‘determination’ demonstrated by those involved and the cross departmental approach being key to the positive outcome.  Connor’s enthusiasm, professionalism and empathetic manner have shown him already to be an excellent officer.


Highly Commended Certificate for Stacey Pyke Student Officer of the Year

Constable Daniel Harbin

Having joined Lincolnshire Police in 2018, Constable Dan Harbin completed his initial tutor training at Stamford, before moving to Bourne then Grantham.  Despite his short length of service he shows tenacity when dealing with incidents and is quick to learn.

Dan has excelled in his role, combining a balanced and genuine approach with a “can do” attitude.  He is an inspiration and proof that the ability to be able to communicate is invaluable in the role of a police officer.

Dan has a mature approach to service delivery, in addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of legislation, policy and procedure.  In every job he shows passion, determination and outstanding commitment: he is a great example of what modern policing is about.

Dan’s passion is truly inspiring; he is determined and committed to improving the lives of the community he serves.  He is a humble individual, a quiet man who does not seek the limelight for achievements.  Dan epitomises the Lincolnshire Police ethos of “PRIDE”, and is an exemplary student officer who is a joy to work with and a very respected and influential team member.

Dan has a smile and character to brighten the workplace, thus increasing the wellbeing of colleagues.  This is something that cannot be measured, but is worth its weight in gold and separates him from his counterparts.  Lincolnshire Police is lucky to have Dan as a member of its policing family.



Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Jonathan Jones, Kim Enderby, and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Jon Morris and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with PC Nigel Beck and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Chief Inspector Stu Brinn and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with PC Geordie Brown and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Inspector Claire Hime and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Sergeant Steven Parker and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with PC Thomas Scott and Nicky Van Der Drift 



Chief Constable Bill Skelly with PC Jason Templeman and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly PC Chloe Toyne and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Bethany Wright and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Cheryl Ransome and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Anita Moore and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Sarah Norburn and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Special Constable Jordan Wakefield and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Special Sergeant Kevin Taylor and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with PC Darren Christie and Nicky Van Der Drift 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with Eric Vickers and Deputy PCC Stuart Tweedale

Chief Constable Bill Skelly is with David Pyke and PC Daniel Harwin 


Chief Constable Bill Skelly with David Pyke and PC Connor Ingoldmells 


The Evita Team

29 Nov 19 10:17 AM

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