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Big night out planned this New Year’s Eve?

Make sure you use a licensed taxi to get home.

We have been made aware of reports that illegal ‘taxi’ drivers might be operating in the county tonight, offering cheap lifts that undercut licensed and established firms.

Taxis are licensed by the council and a number of checks on individuals applying for licences are carried out. Some of these include eligibility to work in the UK, holding a full driving licence, and having background checks performed that look at health and character.

All of these are done to ensure that the person driving you home is a safe driver, is insured, has no ill intent towards you, and is medically well enough to be carrying you as a passenger. In addition, vital business can be taken away from licensed and legal taxi drivers who earn their living this way by people who have just ‘decided’ to operate as cab drivers.

Operating an illegal taxi can carry penalty points and a hefty fine of up to £2,500. If you’re tempted to offer cheap lifts home and aren’t a licensed taxi driver, remember that you might potentially earn a few pounds that way but we will insist that you have a completely free lift to your local police station’s custody suite if caught.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Please check that the taxi you are getting into tonight, and at any other time, is licensed and legal.

31 Dec 19 3:39 PM

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