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Officers assaulted... in the line of duty

Disturbing footage of two Lincolnshire Police officers being assaulted has been captured on body worn camera.

The footage shows two officers attending a call for a concern for safety in North Hykeham, on December 10. While attending, one officer was pushed into a hedge by the offender and the other officer was dragged to the ground and punched several times in the face, by the same male offender.

With the festive season comes the temptation for a small minority of people to over indulge, we thought it timely to issue a reminder about a recently introduced law which increases the penalties for assaults on all Emergency Services Personnel.

The Assaults on Emergency (Workers) Act 2018 which, in response to an increase in assaults on emergency workers, came into force last month now allows the courts to impose up to a year’s imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. Under the new legislation, emergency workers include police and police staff, ambulance workers and NHS staff as well as Fire and Rescue staff, Prison Officers and those working in other custodial duties and whether these workers are paid or unpaid.   Where assaults cause more serious injury the legislation considers the offence ‘aggravated’ if it is committed against an emergency worker and gives the Courts the option to impose even harsher sentences.

Chief Constable Bill Skelly explained why it’s important to convey a clear message that assaults on officers and other emergency workers will not be tolerated. He said “We have a duty to look after and protect the public but we are all too often prevented from doing so due to violent individuals who choose to attack those who are there to help them.” He goes on to condemn a view that assaults on emergency workers are inevitable. He said, “They are not simply ‘part of the job.’”

As with all emergency workers, Chief Constable Skelly offers a reminder that Police Officers and other emergency service workers are human beings doing a difficult job. “Most importantly it should be remembered that they are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. When they are attacked they become victims just like any other, but victims who have been attacked while trying to help others.”

Definition of an emergency worker under the Act

An emergency worker is someone who falls into the following broad categories:

  • Police Officers and staff (includes PCSOs)
  • National Crime Agency Officers
  • Prison Officer or someone engaged in custodial duties within an establishment
  • NHS staff and staff of agencies engaged in NHS supportive work
  • Fire and Rescue Service staff
  • It does not matter whether those emergency workers in the list are paid or unpaid (this includes Specials and Volunteers)



Two Lincolnshire Police officers were assaulted in North Hykeham

Viewers may find the video distressing

20 Dec 18 1:37 PM

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