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Murderer sentenced to at least 20-years

A murderer who beat his partner to death with a baseball bat has been jailed for life, and will serve a minimum of 20-years behind bars.

Shane Murphy carried out the frenzied attack on 35-year-old Marie Gibson at her Louth home on June 9 this year.

During a 999 call, made from Marie’s mobile phone just a few moments before her death, Murphy can be overheard saying:  “I’m going to kill you.”

Marie sustained multiple injuries to her face and body, following at least 16 blows delivered with the baseball bat. Her injuries were so severe that her face was unrecognisable.

Murphy used a 20cm shard of glass to stab her in the neck.  The jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told that the attack took place in front of a young child.

Marie was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following a six-day trial, 28-year-old Murphy, of Little Lane, Louth, was found guilty of murder.

He had admitted the killing but claimed his responsibility was diminished by a mental health condition.

When sentencing today (December 18) Judge John Pini QC said: "In short, you are a shallow, self-centred and aggressive bully who thinks only of himself.

"There is a total absence of remorse and not a shred of human decency.

"You are utterly incapable of accepting any responsibility for your actions.

"This was a sustained attack of at least 15 separate impacts from a baseball bat. You also used a shard of glass as a weapon.

"I am quite satisfied of your intent to kill her (Marie)."

In police interviews, Murphy said that the couple had been together for about eight weeks.

The East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) investigated the murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Karl Whiffen said: “The brutality in this case was shocking.

“It is difficult for the average person to comprehend how one human being could do this to another.

“In just one minute and 46 seconds Shane Murphy snatched away the life of Marie Gibson.

“Murphy struck Marie at least 16 times with a baseball bat, then we believe he stuck a glass shard into her neck after she had already died.

“During interviews with police he lied continually, and not once showed even an ounce of remorse.

“The police officers in this case will rarely have experienced this level of violence before – and may never again. Some of our officers have been affected by this case.

“I would like to thank Marie’s family and the witnesses in this case for their courage and support.

“Although Murphy has been handed a lengthy sentence, Marie Gibson’s family will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.”


EMSOU Detective Chief Inspector Karl Whiffen

DCI Whiffen led the investigation into the murder of Marie Gibson

18 Dec 18 2:22 PM

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