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The results are in - Christmas drink drive campaign

We know during Christmas period more drivers take a risk and drive while they are impaired through both alcohol and drugs.  So our officers prioritise this area of policing,  by stopping drivers in their tracks, before they kill or seriously injure someone on the county's roads.  

It’s hard to understand that so many people took a decision to drive, putting other road users at risk and putting themselves at risk. 

During December, 62 people were suspected of driving or being in charge of a vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit and 77 people who were suspected of driving while impaired through controlled drugs.  That’s 139 people who were arrested, face an investigation, most likely face court proceedings and will lose their driving licence.

Police Sergeant Adie Scargill, Roads Policing, Lincolnshire Police, said: “We target drink and drug drivers throughout the year and the results show how important it is we keep our focus on drivers who continue to break the law driving while impaired. 

“Many of the arrests will lead to drivers being disqualified and this affects their employment and life in general.  We will target those who chose to continue to drive while they are disqualified from doing so.  I ask for the help of our communities with this.  If you know someone is driving when they have been disqualified please tell us.  Ring, report on-line or via Crimestoppers anonymously, we will do the rest.

“The decisions drivers make are impaired when they have alcohol or drugs in their system.  The more alcohol or drugs the worse their driving and the more dangerous they become.  Disqualified drivers will not be covered by insurance policies.  Help us take these irresponsible and dangerous drivers off the road and make our counties roads a safer place to use."

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12 Jan 21 11:31 AM

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