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Make 2019 a Special year

What are your New Years’ resolutions for 2019?

Run a marathon? Learn Italian?  Save money? 

How about become a Special Constable?  

If you want to make a difference in your community and can commit to four hours a week* then becoming a Special Constable can be the challenging and rewarding opportunity you are looking for in 2019.

What do Specials do?

Special Constables carry out police officer duties in their spare time.  They come from all walks of life; teachers, nurses, secretaries, taxi drivers, parents.

Our Specials wear the same uniform as regular police officers and have the same powers of arrest. 

They take on a diverse range of roles including:

  • conducting local, intelligence based patrols
  • taking part in crime prevention initiatives
  • policing major incidents
  • conducting inquiries
  • assisting at scenes of accidents
  • safeguarding the public at local and major events
  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • spending time at local schools to educate on safety
  • providing operational support to regular officers

Our specials commit to at least four hours a week which is flexible to fit around your other commitments. 

Why join?

Becoming a special is a great way for you to make a difference in your community.  At the same time you can develop your personal skills and experiences.

We offer an excellent training programme and mentoring scheme that will help you build knowledge and confidence.  We will help you achieve all your personal goals as a special.

Special achievements in 2018

Our 135 Specials achieved some fantastic results in 2018.

  • Volunteered 36,616 hours
  • Made 765 arrests
  • Took 52 positive roadside breath tests
  • Seized 70 vehicles
  • Executed 37 warrants

Specials Inspector Christoper Gow said:

"Over the last 12 months, we have volunteered over 36,000 hours of our time to support policing across the country, often in addition to our own regular employment. Like our regular police officer and staff colleagues, we have left our families during the day and night to police local operations, major incidents, planned events and help provide patrols in our local communities.  We are very proud of our officers' work and we are part of an amazing opportunity to volunteer in the emergency services.

"Last year, our officers performed over 70 separate duties voluntarily during the dangerous adverse weather conditions. We helped to rescue trapped motorists and battled elements to provide resilience. We have had truly great support from the force and public, who have helped us to expand our capabilities with new technologies, resources and specialist teams, such as our Safer Roads Team and Rural Crime Team. Undoubtedly, this has helped us to be able to gather evidence, secure prosecutions, increase patrols, protect communities and make the ultimate #SpecialContribution, to save lives."

2018 also saw the introduction of some specialist Special teams

Specials Roads Policing Team

The Safer Roads Team is a trained team of ten Special Constables and two Specials Sergeants who work alongside the Roads and Armed Policing Team. 

Split into two teams (East and West of the force area) they focus on the Fatal 4, the four main driving behaviours that cause death and serious injury on our roads:

  • speeding
  • drink/drug driving
  • using mobile phones when driving
  • not wearing seatbelts.

The team is a first for Lincolnshire and our officers operate in unmarked vehicles to target any drivers who commit these offences.

Specials Rural Crime Team

Our Specials Rural Crime Team has committed over 800 hours this year to support the force objective of tackling rural crime.

They work alongside the Wildlife Crime Officers and support the force in tackling hare coursers, poachers, illegal fishing and other wildlife crimes.

This year they have had particular success in supporting the force with Op Galilleo; deterring, monitoring and tackling hare coursers throughout the county.

Want to join the team?  Here’s how you can apply

We welcome applications from all backgrounds and ethnicities.  You will need to meet some basic eligibility requirements before you can apply. 

You must be over 18 but there is no upper age limit.  You must be a British citizen and have lived in the UK for the past two years.  See our eligibility page for full details of the eligibility requirements.

Read the Role Profile to see if you skills and experience match our requirements.

Once you are ready to apply, head to our application page.

When could you start?

We have two intakes in 2019.

Start date: 1 June 2019
Course type: Weekend course - 10 weekends (Sat & Sun)
See full dates of this course

Start date: 19 October 2019
Course type: Intensive - Two full weeks (Mon-Fri) plus 5 weekends
See full dates of this course

Want to find out more?

See first-hand what our Specials get up to.  Follow our Specials on Twitter @LincsSpecials

Contact the Resource and Succession Planning Team

Lincolnshire Police Headquarters
PO Box 999
01522 558235
Email: Resourcing@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Follow our specials on Twitter @LincsSpecials

*Hours are flexible to fit around your other commitments


Special Constable achievements in 2018

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