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Getting back on the roads

After seeing a 50% decrease in road traffic, Lincolnshire's road users are getting back in their vehicles and on their bikes.

We are starting to see an increase of traffic on our roads which may eventually make a return to pre-COVID levels. We want everyone to be safe and this means paying full attention to your driving and riding, being observant and reacting to hazards that present themselves. We all must still maintain 2m distance from pedestrians and pedal cyclists.

If you have recently gone back to work after a period at home because of the Coronavirus you will know that it can feel very strange going back to your routine.

Using your car is the same. After possibly sitting unused for several weeks, it is worth taking a little time to give your car some attention, and remind yourself of some of the rules of the road.

Over the next week we will be offering advice and guidance to help you make sure you and your car are ready to be back on the road. We will cover areas such as basic safety checks, The Highway Code, being aware of cyclists, new drivers, and legal aspects such as driving licences and insurance.

Throughout the campaign we will be giving advice and tips on our social media channels to help keep you and your family safe as you return to using the roads.

We will also be giving you an insight into how our Roads Policing Officers are always out, educating motorists and where necessary enforcing the law of the road with the aim of reducing the number of people that are killed or seriously injured each year in Lincolnshire. This includes our approach to motorists that are using the emptier roads to drive at excessive speed. We have reports of dangerous driving and we will continue to prosecute drivers and riders who put themselves and others at risk.

While we all can use our cars, only members of the same household can be in the same vehicle, unless it's for work purposes. If you have to share a car with people from outside of your household keep the windows open to improve ventilation, face away from others and where possible consider seating arrangements to optimise distance between people in the vehicle. These actions may help to reduce the risk of transmission. Always wash your hands for 20 seconds in hot water or santise them after a journey and make sure you comply with local guidance at your destination.

For more information follow us on Twitter @LincsPolice, on Facebook or visit our website Lincs.police.uk

For more information follow us on Twitter @LincsPolice, on Facebook or here on our website lincs.police.uk




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29 May 20 12:42 PM

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