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Cyber Crime Safety Van

Our Fraud and Cyber Crime Prevention Officers will be touring the county next week in the Cyber Scam Safety Van.

They have lots of good advice, tips and tricks to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

We have a number of ways to help check if you are vulnerable to fraud and cyber crime so look out for van and please come say hello, we even have some freebies to give out!

Come and see us at the following locations

  • Monday 1 July | 10am - 2pm | Bourne Library, 3 Abbey Road, Bourne, PE10 9EF
  • Tuesday 2 July | 10am till 2pm | Pinchbeck Library, 48 Knight Street, Spalding PE11 3RU
  • Wednesday 3 July | 10am till 2pm | Gainsborough Salvation Army, Beaumont Street, Gainsborough DN21 2ER
  • Thursday 4 July | 10am till 2pm | Co-op Seacroft Rd, Mablethorpe LN12 2DU
  • Friday 5 July | 10am till 2pm | The Ark, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AB

PC Luke Casey, Cyber Prevent and Protect Officer said:

"We really love getting out and speaking to the public about cyber crime and fraud and giving them simple advice about how to protect themselves. Online fraud continues to grow, criminals use technology to hide their locations and stay anonymous. Social media account takeovers are on the rise and this is used as a platform for criminals to defraud peoples friends and family. There are some really simple things you can do to secure your online accounts against takeover please have a look at our Cyber Crime pages!

The message we really want to get across is that the vast majority of cyber crime and fraud can only succeed if the victim behaves in a particular way, for example clicking a link, opening an attachment or maybe pressing a button to allow someone remote access to their computer. In more traditional crimes the victim’s actions may have little bearing on the outcome of the crime but that is not the case with online fraud and cyber crime. So getting out and raising awareness is of huge benefit as a little knowledge about how the criminals target us can go a long way to preventing us falling victim in the first place!

In the meantime, there is plenty of advice on our Cyber Crime pages.

28 Jun 19 2:10 PM

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