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Covid-19 police regulations

Policing will adopt a four-phase approach

Engage - we will initially encourage voluntary compliance.

Explain - we will stress the risks to public health and to the NHS. Educate people about the risks and the wider social factors.

Encourage - we will seek compliance and emphasise the benefits to the NHS by staying at home, how this can save lives and reduce the risk for more vulnerable people in society.

Enforce - we will direct you to return to the place where you live. This may include providing reasonable instruction of the route by which you are required to return. We may also remove you to the place where you live, using reasonable force where it is a necessary and proportionate means of ensuring compliance.

We will make sensible decisions, employ judgement and continue to use other powers.

Enforcement will be a last resort

For more information on police regulations and enforcement visit the College of Policing website.

20 Jan 21 2:48 PM

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