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Do you want a career where the day job is like no other?  Do you want to help others? Do you have a desire to make a real difference?  

If so, a career within policing could be for you.

We are pleased to be accepting applications for the position of police constable now!  You have until 23:59 hours on Monday 8 November 2021 to submit your application.

Browse our police officer recruitment pages to find out more about the role, the recruitment process and training programme.

Our latest campaign will provide great opportunities if you're interested in an exciting career with Lincolnshire Police. We would like to hear from you if you live and want to work in the east of the county with postings available in Boston, Skegness & Spalding only and if you have language skills in addition to English.

The role of a Police Constable is both challenging and exceptionally rewarding. You will face many different scenarios and situations, you will meet new people, and you will serve the public by building confidence and trust in the areas that you work – this truly is one of the most rewarding and diverse careers available.

You’ll be highly trained and supported throughout your policing career. You will ensure that our communities are helped through some of the most difficult situations that they may face in the future, and be there to support victims and witnesses when required.

You’ll be paid from day one when you start your training, where you will begin your exciting journey as a new recruit.  At the end of two years, you will have achieved a level 4 qualification in Policing Professional Practice.  The starting salary for a Police Constable is £24,237, which after seven years in service has the potential to increase to £41,130.  Find out more about what we can offer you.

In choosing Lincolnshire Police, you will be joining a unique organisation determined to provide its workforce with a positive experience. We strongly believe that wellbeing is absolutely vital, as people who feel good about themselves, and are happy in their environment, will do great work. We are so proud of our people who do amazing things every day to serve the public, and also lead the way in many areas too through their passion, dedication and commitment, and we look forward to increasing the size of the Lincolnshire Police family further over the years ahead.

The closing date to apply is 8 November 2021.

To access our application form, please check that you meet the entry qualification requirement below.  

Detective Fast-Track Scheme

Our Detective Fast Track scheme is also open as part of this recruitment drive.  This scheme allows you to join the force and specialise as a detective constable.

You can join one of our specialist investigation teams at just 42 weeks. The pathway is demanding, but in turn a great deal of support and guidance is available from the very start.

Find out more about the Detective Fast Track Scheme

The application process for the scheme is exactly the same as for Police Constables and you must meet the same eligibility criteria as outlined below.

Entry qualifications

You must meet at least one of the following criteria highlighted to be eligible to apply

  • Hold a level 3 qualification (or higher). This must be equivalent to A Level qualification in two subjects/NVQ level 3.  If you’re not sure if you hold a level 3 qualification, you can find out more on - what different qualification levels mean.
  • Possess a policing qualification approved by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice Sector.
  • Be currently serving as a PCSO. You will have completed your PCSO Action Checklist, passed your probationary period at the time of application and be up to date with all mandatory training.
  • Be currently serving as a Special Constable/VPCSO. You will have attained independent patrol status and will consistently have completed sixteen hours per month. You will need to be up to date with all mandatory training.
  • Be currently serving with, or have previously served with the Armed Forces. You will have served for a minimum of two years, and your service must have been within the last five years (i.e. after 2016). You will have an exemplary reference.
  • Be able to demonstrate sufficient competence in a second language, particularly Eastern European languages, Arabic, Far Eastern Languages, Romanian and Bulgarian. If you are competent in any other languages, please contact the PC Recruitment team to discuss further.
  • Be competent in communicating in British Sign Language and Makaton.

Please be advised that competence in a second language will be tested throughout the recruitment process.

By clicking the link below, you confirm that you meet at least one of these qualification criteria.  You will then asked to confirm that you meet further eligibility criteria.

The closing date to apply is 8 November 2021.

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