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Apply now to become a police officer

Recruitment is now open for the role of police constable with us. 

Before applying, please ensure you read this advert and the Recruitment Guidance booklet below fully to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 1700 hours Sunday 2 September 2018 and only emailed applications will be accepted (paper applications will not be progressed).

Eligibility to apply

To be eligible to apply, you must meet all of the below criteria at the time of applying:

  1. You must have one of the following.
    • Hold a level 3 qualification (or higher). This must be equivalent to A Level qualification or
    • Possess a policing qualification approved by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice Sector. or
    • Have undertaken the role of PCSO, completed your professional development plan, passed your probationary period at the time of application and be up to date with all mandatory training. or
    • Undertaken the role of Special Constable/VPCSO, attained independent patrol status and consistently completed sixteen hours per month and be up to date with all mandatory training. or
    • Be able to demonstrate sufficient competence in Lithuanian, Latvian or Polish. Competency will be tested throughout the recruitment process. (Competence in languages not stated above will not be considered and applications will not be progressed)
  2. You must be at least 18 years old at the point of submitting your application.
  3. You must not have any tattoos which do not meet the standards of appearance standard policy.
  4. You must hold a full UK/EU manual valid driving licence. You must not have 9 or more endorsable points on your licence at the point of applying or at any point throughout the process.
  5. You must ensure that you are physically fit for the role - endurance will be tested during the selection process.
  6. You must not have been unsuccessful at a Police SEARCH assessment centre with any Police Force within the last six months - if you have been unsuccessful you must wait six months from the date of your assessment centre before you can apply again. This is six months at the date you apply.
  7. You must have been a resident in the UK for the last two years.
  8. You must be a UK, EU or Commonwealth Citizen, with no restrictions on your stay in the UK.

Although not an essential requirement, we would particularly welcome applications from anyone who has a second language skill.

Important note: Applications will not be accepted from individuals who do not meet all the eligibility criteria.                

How to apply

The application process is made up of three stages:

Stage 1: Confirmation of eligibility

If you are interested in applying you should thoroughly read the eligibility criteria, and only proceed to Stage 2 if all criteria are met. Please note, applications are pre-screened when received and any applicant who does not meet the above criteria will not be progressed further so it is in your interest to ensure you are eligible.

Stage 2: Request an application pack

If you are eligible and wish to obtain an application pack, please email pcrecruitment@lincs.pnn.police.uk providing the following information; if all information is not provided, a pack will not be issued:

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Preferred email address

You must declare that you meet the above eligibility criteria and understand that any false declarations may prevent you from applying to Lincolnshire Police in the future.

Please note, application packs can only be obtained by submitting an email request as per the above, and the information provided must relate to the person who will be submitting an application. We will not accept telephone requests for applications or requests for multiple packs to be sent out from one email request.

You will be sent out an application pack within 3 working days of your request.

Stage 3: Completion of Police Officer Application Form and associated documents stated

These must be returned with your application form by the closing date.

There are a limited number of applications available and when the relevant number of application requests has been registered this advert will be closed.

Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1700 hours on Sunday 2 September 2018.

Only e-mailed applications will be accepted. Any paper applications received or applications received after this time will not be considered.

Summary of recruitment stages

The recruitment process consists of a number of stages as detailed in the recruitment guidance and takes several months to complete and is summarised below. You must complete each stage before they progress to the next stage.

  • Completion of application, registration form and submission of all other information requested which includes photographs of tattoos (where necessary) and submission of qualification certificates [any missing information may lead to a delay in progressing application]
  • Completion of application shortlisting
  • Completion of National Police SEARCH assessment centre
  • Completion of Force interview
  • Completion of fitness test
  • Completion of pre-employment checks, which include medical assessment, biometric testing, security vetting checks, random drug testing and employment reference checks

Transfer of existing applications from other forces

If you currently have a live application with another Force and meet the necessary criteria, you are welcome to transfer your application to us whilst this campaign is open. Please contact the Resourcing & Succession Planning Team on (01522) 558235 to discuss your individual circumstances before taking any action with the Force your application is with.  Please be aware that if you transfer your application you will be in a pool with new candidates and there is no guarantee you will be offered a position on the next course.

What happens if successful through the process

This recruitment campaign is aimed at the recruitment of police constables over the next 12 months and could potentially be longer. Therefore if you are successful at the application stage (or have transferred your applications to us from another Force) you will progress through the various recruitment stages at varying times over this period.

Once you have successfully completed all recruitment stages and have been made a provisional offer on a specific course, details of the location of their posting will be confirmed. Your posting could be anywhere within Lincolnshire and therefore you must be prepared to work at any location although efforts will be made to suit personal circumstances. 

Further information

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility or any of the information outlined above, please contact the HR Resourcing & Succession Planning Team on (01522) 558235.

For those who decide to progress with an application, we wish you well throughout the recruitment and selection process.


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