Police and other agency requests

We are committed to managing risk and reducing harm to the residents of Lincolnshire.

We will support other police forces and agencies with enquiries which carry an immediate or significant risk of harm.  Please select from the below and follow the instructions provided. Anything with immediate or significant harm should be passed via telephone to action straight away. All requests should provide sufficient detail to allow us to accurately assess the risk and act accordingly we will grade incidents based upon our THRIVE principles.

Arrest requests

Our policy regarding arrest requests complies with Code G of PACE and the Human Rights Act and must explain why the Officer in the Case (OIC) cannot do this themselves. Suitable PNC circulations should be completed prior to requesting if circumstances dictate this isn’t possible please ring us.

Use the Arrest Request Form.

Bail checks

Our policy regarding bail checks is in line with CPS and Home Office guidance in that we will only consider requests that provide supporting rationale to avoid infringement of the Human Rights Act. All checks must be justifiable and proportionate.

Use the Bail Checks Form.

Concern for welfare check

If you need immediate assistance for a person in imminent danger call Lincolnshire Police on 999. We can only enter premises if authorised by statute or warrant.

Use the Concern for Safety Form.

Driving document check

We will not deploy to enquiries for driving document checks.


We will not deploy to requests for interviews unless there is an immediate threat or significant risk of harm or another significant reason why the officer in the case cannot do this by alternative methods available. This includes obtaining telephone statements as per CPS guidance.

Use the Interview Form.

Missing people

For transfer of a missing person to Lincolnshire Police please use agreed Compact guidelines.

If you need immediate assistance for a person in imminent danger call Lincolnshire Police on 999.

Other warrant or enquiry

We will only conduct other warrants/enquiries/visits/tasks where on application of our THRIVE principles there is an immediate threat or significant risk of harm. Rationale must be provided to aid the assessment.

Registered owner checks

We will not deploy to registered owner checks unless there is an immediate threat or significant risk of harm or, the vehicle is believed to be involved in a serious crime.

Use the Registered Owner Form.

Reporting offenders

We will not deploy resources to report offenders.


We will only deploy resources to obtain statements if there are significant reasons why the OIC cannot do this and alternative methods (e.g. telephone statements) are not possible. In such circumstances a full rationale must be provided for a THRIVE assessment.

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