Our vision and objectives

Working together to make Lincolnshire the safest place to live, work and visit

"It is my privilege as Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police to introduce our strategy.  ‘Making Lincolnshire Safe’ sets out the strategic direction for Lincolnshire Police, supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan.

Lincolnshire is a mix of rural, coastal, and urban communities spanning 2,286 square miles, with a population of over 700,000 residents. Not to forget the tourism industry which attracts over 21 million visitors annually to our county. We are diverse and unique, and our policing approach must reflect and represent our communities.

Our three policing purposes are simple. We need to stop crime and anti-social behaviour, protect people from harm, and help those in need. To achieve these outcomes we will focus on five core themes of people, partners, culture, capability, and communities. I believe that with our strong delivery plan in these areas we will see Lincolnshire go from strength to strength, and our policing purposes will not only be met and maintained, but also exceeded.

We want to see sustained reductions in offending, have communities who feel safe and protected from harm, and have a workforce who are knowledgeable, confident, skilled, and equipped to do their job well. In simple terms we will put people at the heart of everything we do.

I am extremely proud to be the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, and I thoroughly look forward to working together to make Lincolnshire the safest place to live, work and visit."

Chief Constable Chris Haward

Download the full Making Lincolnshire Safe Force Strategy

Our priorities

Stop crime and anti-social behaviour

We will have sustained success in reducing overall crime and anti-social behaviour over the next five years 

We will see sustained reductions in offending

We will have a workforce who are knowledgeable, confident, skilled and equipped in crime investigation, ASB and the causes of each

Protect from harm

We will have communities who feel safe and protected from harm

We will have a sustained reduction in repeat victimisation, abuse and exploitation

We will have a workforce who are knowledgeable, confident, skilled and equipped in problem solving and harm prevention

Help those in need

We will be people focused and offer the highest standard of care with sustained reductions in repeat calls for service

We will have strong partnerships with common goals and clearly defined support pathways for those in most need

We will have a workforce who are knowledgeable, confident, skilled & equipped in working with people with complex needs and/or who are vulnerable


  • We will have a workforce that is skilled, diverse and confident and who feel supported, empowered and cared for
  • We will have a healthy, happy and engaged workforce 
  • We will have staff at all levels who are fair, consistent and demonstrate the values of our organisation


  • We will listen to and understand the diverse needs of our communities, and keep them informed
  • We will build trust and confidence with our communities in the service we deliver
  • We will support our communities to be more resilient


  • We will have partnerships that compliment and support each other’s strategic objectives 
  • We will have effective partnerships tackling the most complex community issues and vulnerability
  • We will have trusting and collaborative partnerships


  • We value all individuals and recognise the positive benefits that diversity brings
  • We are passionate and proud of the quality of service we deliver
  • We encourage and celebrate innovation and learning


  • We will have effective intelligence and information to support good decision making and resource allocation
  • We will understand our demand, threat, harm and opportunities 
  • We will understand our future capability and capacity to meet demand and maximise opportunities

Download the full Making Lincolnshire Safe Force Strategy

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