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Our vision and objectives

Our Mission

To empower and involve communities working to prevent and reduce harm.

I see the role of policing in our county as playing a leading part in making the lives of our public as safe as possible.

For over a hundred and fifty years, we have policed Lincolnshire, preserving the rule of law; keeping the public peace; intervening where harm takes place in people’s private lives; and increasingly having a role in the safety of the digital world. Distinctively Lincolnshire is a look forward over the coming five years and sets an ambitious vision of the future.

I am committed to supporting the aims of the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan. Distinctively Lincolnshire and the delivery plans underpinning it are designed to ensure that the force focuses on the four principles of the Police and Crime Plan; Community safety and prevention in partnership; Listening, responding and being accountable; Protecting and supporting victims and the vulnerable; and Policing that works.

I have two broad goals for Lincolnshire Police: to provide a service that meets the expectations of our communities; and to support our staff to feel healthy and valued. Being better at managing demand and clearer about the levels of service the public should expect will go hand-in-hand with providing the right tools to get our people into the right place at the right time. Supporting our people in their wellbeing; physically, mentally and how they feel valued, is vital to achieving our mission for the public.

Bill Skelly
Chief Constable

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04 Jan 19 11:33 AM

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