Trisha Newman

Trisha's father moved the family to Lincolnshire in the 1960s where she joined the British Army, serving 25 years.  On leaving the army, she bought a house in Grimsby. 

She then spent most of the 90s/early 00s working abroad mainly for NGOs on humanitarian projects.  On returning to the UK, she spent the last 10 years before retirement operating mobile cranes. During this time Trisha became active in the Unite Union as a work place representative and was involved with equality, women's rights and LGBT issues at regional level and delegate to national conferences.

Since retirement, Trisha has moved to North Somercotes and become active as a parish councillor, volunteer warden at Donna Nook during the seal season and sits on a number of committees including the neighbourhood policing panel.

13 Nov 20 11:19 AM

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