Response officers are the first line of response to a huge range of incidents Lincolnshire Police deals with every day, ranging from calls to 999, to incidents reported through 101 or online reporting.

The job is 24/7, and as a Force, we’re never off duty.

Our Response Officers are a vital cog in the machine of policing, often being the first to reach a scene and engage with offenders, as well as victims, witnesses, and the vulnerable – and for many of those people, it can be the first time they have ever had direct contact with a police officer.

Incidents can include complex and sometimes confrontational situations, with extremely sensitive issues. Our officers will quickly take initial control of a situation, assessing any immediate threats, risk, harm or vulnerability, and decide the best response that will keep you, other people and property safe.

Working with the wider force, they help to preserve order, prevent offences being committed and bring offenders to justice by carrying out their own investigations, working closely with other blue light services and partner agencies, and providing evidence for wider investigations with other areas of the Force.

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