Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Department upholds and promotes the standards of professional behaviour in the force.  These standards are set out in our Code of Ethics.

It establishes a culture of learning and development and identifies lessons we can learn from all types of incidents and investigations.

The department is led by a Superintendent and divided into two units.  It is answerable to the Deputy Chief Constable.

  • The Complaints and Misconduct Unit - manages and provides support for misconduct, unsatisfactory performance, public complaints and dissatisfaction.
  • The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) - investigates any allegations or suspected behaviour, which have or may lead to corrupt practise.

The statement of mission and values as set by the Association of Chief Police Officers Integrity Model is central to the service we provide:

“Our behaviour, actions and decisions will be always in support of the public interest. We value public trust and confidence in policing as an institution, and to earn this we will be open to scrutiny and be transparent”.

We expect the highest standards of behaviour and conduct from our officers and staff, and to uphold our vision and values.

See our values and behaviours.

The department investigates any allegations of officers and staff not meeting these standards.  These investigations can result in disciplinary action.

You can view the outcomes for the most serious cases of misconduct or gross misconduct.  Go to the Misconduct Hearings page.

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