Force Control Room

About the Force Control Room

The Force Control Room is run under the strategic partnership with G4S. The FCR is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is the beating heart of the force. 

It receives around 40,000 non-emergency 101 calls and approximately 9,000 emergency 999 calls per month. It also contains a 24-hour PNC bureau, Intelligence Support Desk and the Incident Resolution team.

Operational inspectors lead teams of frontline support staff on a shift basis. Staff work 12 hour shifts on a four on/four off rotating shift pattern and teams consist of call takers and controllers. 

Call takers are the first point of contact for members of the public calling the Police. They handle calls and risk assess each one to determine the appropriate police response.

Controllers are the main point of contact for our police officers.  They dispatch the nearest appropriate resource to incidents. They check intelligence to keep officers safe and ensure each incident is concluded to a satisfactory level.

Switchboard operators also work in the FCR dealing with the non-emergency 101 calls.

The role of Call Takers

We ensure our communities feel safe and reassured by effectively managing incidents, making sure that adequate resources are deployed to provide a quality service. We work with the principles of PRIDE ensuring that the callers’ issues are correctly dealt with in an efficient manner.

We deal with a wide variety of calls, including crimes in progress, people in a mental health crisis, and giving advice.

Call Takers must use lateral vision to think outside of the box and explore better ways of helping the caller without risking their safety.

We ensure 999 emergency calls for service are answered promptly within Force and National targets and all incidents are recorded in accordance with the National Standard of Incident Recording and the National Crime Recording Standards.

Call Takers will regularly be dealing with people from our diverse community, often faced with a language barrier. We use the help of an interpreter to ensure that they receive the same level of service and response, along with liaising with other agencies and emergency services.

As well as taking calls, Call Takers are responsible for updating missing person records to ensure that all information is recorded onto the system. This enabled officers to find out key details in order to locate the person.

Call takers will take all the information over the phone in order to effectively risk assess each incident and provide the correct grade of response.

We grade incidents into the following categories:


We grade a call as 'urgent' and a resource deployed when:

  • There is immediate risk to life or injury
  • A crimes is in action with suspects on scene or nearby
  • Important evidence may be lost

We aim to attend urgent incidents within 15 minutes in urban areas and within 20 minutes in rural areas.


We grade a call as a ‘priority’ where prompt, but not immediate, attendance is needed and there is no immediate risk to life or injury.

We will attend ‘priority’ incidents as soon as a resource is free, but this may not be for a few hours. We assess each priority on its own merits, using our professional judgement. Some will take precedence over others.


We will grade any other call where police attendance is appropriate as 'routine'. We will either provide the caller with an appointment which suits their availability and matches the circumstances of their incident at the local Police Station. Or alternatively arrange a Call Back where someone will be able to give advice or crime the incident over the phone. 

The department is made up of:

  • Switchboard Operators
  • Call Takers
  • Controllers
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Intelligence Support Officers
  • Incident Resolution Team
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • PNC Operators

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What is it like to work in our Force Control Room?

Some of our call takers and controllers give an insight into what it's like to work in our Force Control Room.

08 Jun 21 11:02 AM

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