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Serious Collision Investigation Unit

The role of the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) is to:

  • investigate all fatal road traffic collisions
  • investigate all other types of road or vehicle related deaths, where the specialist resources of SCIU are considered both necessary and proportionate to conduct an effective investigation
  • investigate serious injury road traffic collisions where injuries are either life threatening or life changing
  • provide specialist support to other types of investigation, particularly where there has been a fatality
  • to provide specialist support to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in relation to fatal and serious injury road traffic collisions involving the police
  • to provide specialist support to surrounding police areas
  • to provide road traffic collision reconstruction in response to appropriate external applications

Senior Investigating Officer (SIO)

Inspectors and sergeants undertake the role of Senior Investigating Officer.  Their responsibility is to ensure that each investigation is thorough and effective and that all reasonable lines of enquiry are followed.  Only the SIO can authorise the deployment of SCIU to a collision.

Forensic Collision Investigator (FCI)

The role of our Forensic Collision Investigators is to provide a specialist, expert resource to an investigation.  These officers are highly trained, with extensive academic qualifications to nationally recognised standards.  They possess extensive experience of collision investigation and reconstruction.  It takes at least three years of training before their expert status is recognised at court.  These officers will attend scenes and identify, secure and preserve all available evidence.

Forensic Vehicle Investigators (FVI)

Our Forensic Vehicle Investigators are highly trained and qualified police staff, expert in their own field of vehicle examination and related forensic investigation.  They also attend collision scenes to identify, secure and preserve vehicle related evidence.  Their detailed examinations help the investigation to show whether or not defects or failures on the vehicles may have contributed to the collision.

Investigation Officers (IO)

Our Investigating Officers consist of both police officers and police staff.  Their job is to secure witness evidence, deal with suspects and at fault drivers, identifying, securing and preserving evidence, and recording and retaining material connected with the investigation. They produce files to take the results of the investigation to the Coroner or the Crown Prosecution Service.

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

A Family Liaison Officer has an investigative and supporting role, which involves; treating families professionally and with respect while identifying and addressing their needs, passing on appropriate information regarding the enquiry as agreed with the SIO, organising the viewing and identification of the deceased and ensuring the tactful and sensitive return of property, as well as providing the ‘Bereavement Pack' and signposting the family to suitable support providers. 

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