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We contribute staff to a regional (East Midlands Operational Specialist Services (EMOpSS)) Dog Section, which provides 24 hour operational cover operating across the region.

EMOpSS provides 40 General Purpose police dog teams who can be deployed anywhere throughout the counties of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Northants.

There are two Regional Dog Section Sergeants and also a further six handlers operating specialist search dogs. Support staff assist at kennels located at Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire police Headquarters, and also at the Lincolnshire Showground. The EMOpSS Dog Section is supported by a Chief Dog Instructor and four trainers.

The team has a variety of skills and abilities is a valuable resource in effective policing.  These skills include:

  • Searching for suspects and missing people
  • Locating objects dropped or concealed during a criminal incident
  • Following a track left by a person on the ground
  • Chasing and detaining a person who runs away when challenged to stop
  • Disarming violent armed suspects and controlling hostile crowds
  • Supporting Firearms teams

Search dogs are trained to locate a specific scent, these include:

  • Drugs, both hidden and being carried on a person in public
  • Cash (banknotes)
  • Explosives of various types
  • Firearms

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