Valuing diversity in our recruitment

Our Commitment

We value people from all backgrounds and we are working hard to improve the diversity of our workforce.

As an organisation we embrace difference and going forward we hope to have a workforce that is truly representative of the communities we serve.  Our ambition is to match the make-up of our county by having a workforce of which 2.4% are from a BAME background and that accurately represents all other ethnicities, genders, faiths and sexualities.

To help achieve a more representative workforce we have recently expanded our eligibility criteria to enable us to recruit more people who speak English as their second language.  Our current police officers with second language skills are integral to community engagement in towns and villages across Lincolnshire, particularly in Boston, South Holland and Lincoln.  We are also proud that expanding our eligibility criteria has enabled us to focus recruitment activity in areas such as British Sign Language and Makaton speakers.  This shows our determination to be reflective of all minority groups.

Strengthening our workforce diversity is also key to achieving our Distinctively Lincolnshire aims.  A more diverse workforce helps us to understand our mix of different communities and supports our efforts to communicate, listen and work with them so that we can understand their needs and more effectively respond to the problems they face.

We are fully aware that there is still a lot of progress we need to make so we are seeking to become even more proactive in our attraction and recruitment, making particular effort to target the hardest to reach communities.

We are committed to making ourselves a diverse and inclusive organisation of equal opportunities where everyone feels welcome whatever their background.

Our recruitment and selection processes are based entirely on merit. All candidates wanting to join our police force have to go through the same processes, and those who perform most strongly will be offered positions working with us. 

Positive Action

Positive action is an activity which helps employers identify and remove barriers and issues to the recruitment, retention and progression of people from under-represented groups, whilst still employing on merit.  At times we will employ methods which supports underrepresented groups joining the police in order to remove any disadvantage.

We treat all applicants fairly and in accordance with current legislation. Positive action is not about giving some people favourable treatment; it's about levelling the playing field. We are looking for a talented workforce who can best serve our communities and that means looking at a wide and diverse range of applicants, identifying and overcoming barriers which prevent people from applying.

We do understand that there are many barriers that candidates may face in their journey to joining the police force. Through Positive Action and reasonable adjustments we aim to dismantle those barriers and open doors and opportunities to all members of our communities and in particular those who may be disadvantaged in any way.

We have a flexible working policy in place and applications for flexible working patterns are considered for all roles across the organisation – for both those joining the Force and also our current workforce. We will work with individuals to ensure that wherever possible, such requests can be accommodated in order to meet the needs of our workforce and also our service to the public.



PC Jason Thomas on his journey into Lincolnshire Police

Transcription of PC Jason Thomas on his journey into Lincolnshire Police

PC Mariusz Foks: An officer with second language skills

Transcription of PC Mariusz Foks: An officer with second language skills

12 Oct 20 10:41 AM

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