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Police vehicle cleaner & equipment control volunteer (Ref: 7)


This role will provide valuable assistance to the local policing teams by carrying out routine checks on police vehicles that take time and keep officers off the streets and reduce the time available for them to prevent and detect crime. It will also ensure that, when responding to incidents, the police vehicle is fully equipped with the necessary signs, lights, cones etc. Whilst the volunteer can carry out the mandatory weekly vehicle check and complete the form, it would still be the responsibility of the Officer to confirm this is up to date before using any vehicle. 

What you will be doing

Working with the local policing team you will:

  • Clean police vehicles as per the agreed schedule, washing the exterior and vacuuming and cleaning the interior
  • Carry out routine vehicle checks e.g. tyre pressure/tread, oil, water and other fluids and record details on the appropriate form
  • Check the vehicle equipment inventory and ensure the correct equipment is in the vehicle. Record details on the appropriate form.
  • Restock vehicles as necessary
  • Transport vehicles between Police facilities for servicing and maintenance

Skills, experience and qualities needed

The role needs volunteers who have an interest in cars/car mechanics and are able to complete the required checks.

Some lifting of cones and signs etc may be required.

The volunteer must hold a full driving licence and will need to be a confident and competent driver as a driving assessment will be required to enable the volunteer to manoeuvre police vehicles for cleaning.

Location and times

Vacancies are at Gainsborough.  The location and times will be by local agreement, but will primarily be at larger stations across the county.  There may be limited demand at smaller stations.

Training and support

All volunteers receive a local induction and a Volunteer Handbook with all the information you will need to support you in your role. ‘On the job’ training will be provided by members of your team, and there may be the opportunity to undertake further training relevant to your role.

All volunteers will be required to have some brief training with the Fleet Workshop in relation to the role.

The local policing team will supervise the volunteer and provide access to the necessary protective clothing/equipment. You will also have the support of the Volunteer Team at police HQ.

Other information

Expenses will be paid for travelling between your home and the place of your work.

This role will require a security check and for you to sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality, as you may have access to sensitive material.

What to do if you are interested

Apply now or contact:

The Volunteer Team
Tel: 101 Ext 47244

Additional information

Code of Ethics / PRIDE

Volunteers will be required to abide by the Forces Code of Ethics at all times.

All volunteers will perform their role in accordance with the Force principles of Policing with P.R.I.D.E.

  • Professionalism - Consistently demonstrating the highest standards of occupational practice and behaviour
  • Respect - Showing consideration and courtesy to our community and our colleagues and respect for our Force
  • Integrity - Showing honesty, openness and fairness in the way we behave
  • Dedication - Being caring and committed to delivering excellent services
  • Empathy - Being able to see things from another's point of view and show understanding

Equality and diversity

All volunteers are required to carry out their role in a way that supports the Force Diversity Objectives.

Health and safety

Volunteers will take will take all reasonable care of themselves and of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Line managers and volunteers should be aware of the relevant risk assessment for the role. Along with the generic Risk Assessment for all roles – 5010 Working on Police Premises

Safeguarding and children vulnerable adults

Lincolnshire Police has a duty to promote the welfare of, and safeguard of children and vulnerable adults. Volunteers are required to comply with Force Policy and Standard Operating Procedures in respect of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

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