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Thank you for your interest in joining us!

We are delighted that there will be a national uplift in the number of police officers which will allow us to provide an improved service to the public of Lincolnshire. We are so proud of our people who do amazing things every day to serve the public and also lead the way in many areas too through their passion, dedication and commitment, such as our advanced use of technology. It is great that you want to become part of this too!

Below are our current entry requirements and therefore it is important that you meet at least one of the below criteria as this is necessary for your application to be progressed.

If you’re not sure if you hold a level 3 qualification, you can find out more about what is equivalent to a Level 3 on www.gov.uk - what different qualification levels mean.

If you currently have a live application with another Force and meet the necessary criteria, you are welcome to transfer your application to us.  Please contact the Resourcing Team on (01522) 558235 to discuss your individual circumstances before taking any action with the Force your application is with. Please be aware if you are transferring an application form you will still need to complete and be successful at the remaining recruitment stages.   

To access our application form, please check that you meet the entry qualification requirement below.  

Entry qualifications

Before you access the application forms, please check that you meet at least one of the following:

  1. Hold a level 3 qualification (Must be equivalent to A Level qualification or higher) or
  2. Possess a policing qualification approved by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice Sector. or
  3. Have undertaken the role of PCSO, completed your PCSO Action Checklist, passed your probationary period at the time of application and are up to date with all mandatory training. or
  4. Undertaken the role of Special Constable/VPCSO, attained independent patrol status and consistently completed sixteen hours per month and be up to date with all mandatory training. or
  5. Be able to demonstrate sufficient competence in Lithuanian, Latvian or Polish (Competence in languages not stated above will be considered if there is a requirement for this, so please do get in touch with us)

By clicking the link below, you confirm that you meet at least one of these qualification criteria.  You will then asked to confirm that you meet further eligibility criteria.

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Distinctively Lincolnshire: Policing with PRIDE

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