Why join the specials?

We asked some of our student specials about their reasons for joining, their experience of training and their hopes for the future.

Special Constable David

“I joined the Special Constabulary after myself becoming a victim of crime. I wanted to join a proactive group of people who gave up their free time to make both residents and visitors to Lincolnshire feel safe, protected and supported by the police.

I have found the training varied, informative and often challenging. I am out of my comfort zone and had experiences I would have never been exposed to during my normal day to day life. Although I have much still to learn, the training I have received has given me the skills and confidence that will be essential during my role as a special.”

Special Constable Mark

“I was born in and have lived in Lincolnshire for over twenty years. I am extremely proud of my county and wanted to help keep it a safe and desirable place for my daughter to grow up in, and for fellow residents/visitors. I have a fantastic opportunity to do that with Lincolnshire Police. I am extremely excited about fulfilling my duties as a SC over the next few years. My training has been rewarding, tough and informative. I feel that I am ready to start working and increasing my knowledge. I would urge anyone who is thinking about joining to go for it. I did, and can't believe I am lucky enough to have progressed this far.”

Special Constable James

“I have always liked volunteering and joined the specials because it’s an excellent way to give something back to my local community. There is a lot to learn on the training course, but it’s been really varied, engaging and enjoyable. You meet people on the course from all walks of life, and it’s a great way to learn by drawing on other's diverse backgrounds. I'm really looking forward to passing my training and helping people, as well as getting a real insight into the police.”

Special Constable Tom

“My reasons for joining were to make a difference, feel part of something and to be a valued member of society.  My training has been an eye-opener on the role and responsibilities of being a special.  The training has been delivered in a relaxed, enjoyable and friendly environment.  It is memorable, and worthwhile.  As a special I will improve my people skills including communication, and gain an in-depth understanding of peoples situations.  I will be able to make a difference – however small.  I will be an extra presence on the street, being a strong deterrent to criminals, and a reassuring sight to members of the public.”

03 Jun 21 12:33 PM

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