About special constables

The Special Constabulary are volunteer police officers.  Also known as 'specials' they carry out policing duties in their spare time.  They come from all walks of life - they are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or any number of other careers.

People join the Special Constabulary for many different reasons. You may want:

  • to give something back to the community
  • to learn new skills and gain valuable experience
  • to challenge yourself
  • to learn first-hand about the police force before committing to a full-time job there

Find out why some of our own specials joined the constabulary

As a special, you perform police duties under the supervision of regular officers and experienced specials.  You will take on a diverse range of roles including:

  • conducting local, intelligence based patrols
  • taking part in crime prevention initiatives
  • policing major incidents
  • conducting inquiries
  • assisting at scenes of accidents
  • safeguarding the public at local and major events
  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • spending time at local schools to educate on safety
  • providing operational support to regular officers

You will have the same powers as a regular police officer, wear the same uniform and receive initial and continuous training.

If you have specialist IT and technical skills and expertise, we are also looking to recruit Specials directly into the Cyber Crime Unit.  Please enquire for further information.

Our specials commit to at least four hours a week which is flexible to fit around your other commitments. 

Becoming a special is a great way for you to make a difference in your community.  At the same time you can develop your personal skills and experiences.

We offer an excellent training programme and mentoring scheme that will help you build knowledge and confidence.  We will help you achieve all your personal goals as a special.

More help and support

Contact the Resource and Succession Planning Team

Lincolnshire Police Headquarters
PO Box 999
01522 558235
Email: Resourcing@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Follow our specials on Twitter @LincsSpecials

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